Daygame Basics: Attraction First (Part 1)

What is the first of the three main parts of the universal human mating dance? Attraction. This section cannot be skipped by any means. Every successful seduction that has ever taken place at one point began with attraction. So how do you create attraction with a girl that you just met? Break rapport. By breaking rapport … Continue reading Daygame Basics: Attraction First (Part 1)

Daygame Basics: Non-Verbal Communication

Approaches: 266 out of 700 Lays: 5 Now that we have covered the correct mindset for doing daygame (mainly detaching yourself from the outcome), we can look at what should happen in an ideal interaction itself. Before examining the various stages of the daygame interaction though, we have to cover the topic of non-verbal communication. … Continue reading Daygame Basics: Non-Verbal Communication