Dating and Universal Fractionation

I've been back on the streets for a while now, but been too lazy to write about it thus far. Initially I wanted to document how my first 100 sets after my longish hiatus would go, but I've changed my mind and decided against it. The reason is because I'm having quite some fun with … Continue reading Dating and Universal Fractionation

Getting back into the game

Spring has finally sprung and I am getting back into the game. I haven't really done any daygame since coming back to Germany, so I don't really know what to expect with the current situation, I'll just have to see. My plan is to hold myself accountable by documenting the first 100 sets in detail … Continue reading Getting back into the game

I bang my first 28 year old petite Ecuadorian girl

After a year-long relationship, I found myself single again in one of the most bizarre times for daygame. Barcelona had lifted the lock-down a while ago, but going outside the house still required wearing a mask at all times (and so I actually did all my approaches wearing a mask!). This coupled with the oppressive … Continue reading I bang my first 28 year old petite Ecuadorian girl

Flags – 17

All of my flags in order of collection (as of September 2020). Pre-game German (1 pre-game, 2 post-game)Chinese (1 pre-game, 1 post-game) New game flags Russian (1st daygame lay in September 2015 after 80 approaches)Thai (3 in total)Japanese (4 in total)USAAustrianHungarianTurkish (2 in total, 1 of them virgin (first handjob, first blowjob))FrenchVietnamese (first kiss, first … Continue reading Flags – 17