I bang my first 28 year old petite Ecuadorian girl

After a year-long relationship, I found myself single again in one of the most bizarre times for daygame. Barcelona had lifted the lock-down a while ago, but going outside the house still required wearing a mask at all times (and so I actually did all my approaches wearing a mask!). This coupled with the oppressive heat of Spain in August meant that conditions weren’t very conducive for daygame. Nevertheless, I was determined to make something happen before going back to Germany.

Before I met the Ecuadorian girl, there were a couple of girls before that I met through daygame and went out with, but never banged. Here is a list of them and a couple of learning points I jotted down after the fact.

  1. Chilean girl #1

I saw the Chilean girl in a souvenir shop near la Rambla and decided to approach her when she came out of the shop. She was surprised at first, but soon found herself amenable to the street approach. It was one of the first daygame sets I did in over a year, so although I was rusty, the interaction was still good. Since her English was very basic we switched to Spanish, which I had picked up over the course of living in Barcelona. In hindsight, this was a mistake. My Spanish is okay, but obviously not comparable to that of a native speaker. And although I did get her number and we met the following day for drinks, it set me up for an awkward date where she spoke in her native tongue and I had to scramble in my okay-but-not-great Spanish.

I did get the kiss in the 2nd venue and a bounce home, but I couldn’t close the deal and she soon excused herself. The language thing wasn’t the only issue (I was a bit nervous too), but it’s definitely something I will keep in mind from now on.

Things to do better next time:

  • don’t speak a girl’s native language, unless you are fluent and absolutely comfortable in it
  • if you do know the girl’s native language to some degree, just pretend that you don’t and continue in your native tongue (which is what I did later with the Ecuadorian girl)
  1. Chinese girl

I saw this girl in the cosmetic’s section of a supermarket and proceeded to introduce myself. The interaction was good, although I got a bit of a weird vibe from her. When we met for drinks a couple days later, she rebuffed my kiss attempts and told me that she just wanted to be friends. I cut the date short after an hour. Should have listened to my gut instinct.

  1. Slovak girl

I noticed the Slovak girl walking down the street in a flowery dress and opened her with the front stop. She was taken aback but I could see in her eyes that she was enjoying the interaction. We went out some days later and I kissed her in the 2nd venue. At that point, I was deliberating whether I should end the date then and there to leave her wanting more (and to try and close the deal on a 2nd date), or if I should just go for the bounce home. My instinct told me that the first date lay wasn’t on, but my problem is that I tend to be quite impatient when it comes to dates, so I decided against my instinct and went for the bounce. Predictably, she rebuffed the bounce home when we arrived at my apartment building.

To counteract the pull on the 1st date, I went for a bridge date for the 2nd date where we went to Barceloneta beach in the evening while the sun went down, drinking some beers. The date ended with us fooling around on a nearby park bench. I had scheduled a 3rd date with her for my last evening in Barcelona, and it probably would have been the lay, but I had already banged the Ecuadorian girl the night before and was sexually satisfied, and besides the Ecuadorian had a cooler personality (and was hotter) than the Slovak, so I decided to cancel on the Slovak and meet with the Ecuadorian girl again instead.

Things to do better next time:

  • exercise more patience on the first date
  • leave the first date on a high to leave her wanting more
  1. Japanese ballet dancer

I saw the Japanese girl at the check-out of a cosmetic’s store, and decided to wait until she had paid for her things and was walking outside the store. I overheard the cashier say “sayonara” to her, so I already knew that she was Japanese before I approached. It turned out she was a ballet dancer who had recently arrived in Barcelona after having lived in Germany. The vibe of the set was great, she was giggeling a lot in this typical Japanese manner and I teased her about her bad German language skills.

We exchanged WhatsApp and over text agreed to go to a bar together. In my experience, if a Japanese girl comes out on a date after being street approached, the probability of the first date lay are pretty high. Then on the day of the date, she sent me this message:

cock-blocked by covid
  1. Chilean girl #2

I approached the 2nd Chilean girl inside the Corte Ingles in central Barcelona. Her eyes were sparkling during the initial approach and although she was wearing a mask, I could see that she was blushing. We had a solid, lengthy interaction and agreed to meet again for drinks another day. After some initial back and forth of texting, she stopped replying to my messages, so I used the voice ping resurrection text (patent pending) to revive the lead and set up the date.

We met in central Barcelona on a Friday evening. Since she lived an hour outside the city and worked the next day, she told me that she had to get the train back in 1:30 hours. Also, she had told me over text that she had a boyfriend, which I had just brushed off with “that’s cool, I don’t want to be your boyfriend”. So I knew that for anything to happen, I had to ramp up the r-selection and escalation on the date.

In the first venue, we did some initial getting-to-know each other chit-chat for 10 minutes, before I started with the escalation. I did the physical escalation (ring routine, comparing hand sizes and tans etc.) and sprinkled in some verbal escalation (i.e. giving her the tiger eyes and telling her that I liked her eyes). I introduced the questions game and sexualized it quickly. I looked down at her chest for a while until telling her “sorry, I was just distracted there. I’ll keep my eyes up”. She loved the unabashed, unapologetic escalation and it looked promising.

I was under some time pressure, so I decided that I had to omit the 2nd venue and try to bounce home directly. So I finished our drinks, paid for them and told her we were going to a 2nd bar. Whilst we were walking towards my apartment, I told her that I had some drinks left in my fridge from when my friends were over so we could go back to my place first. She looked at me with a hesitant look but then said “okay”. While we were walking towards my apartment, I tried to distract her with some forebrain chit-chat, but it was a bit of a long walk (15 min), so when we arrived at the front door, she wouldn’t come in and said let’s go to another bar. I tried to revive the momentum from the 2nd bar, but she had made up her mind that she wouldn’t come back to my place. It’s not clear if anything would have happened if she came back to my place, but if I could do the date again, I would have chosen a venue that was closer to my apartment, so that the time gap between the extraction and the arrival at my place would have been smaller.

Things to do better next time:

  • get your logistics sorted (ideally, take the girl to venues that are 5 mins away from your place)

So I had a lot of dates that went nowhere (for one reason or the another), which finally brings me to the…

  1. Ecuadorian girl

It was a Thursday afternoon and I was doing my usual daygame session in central Barcelona. Since I was sweating underneath my mask, I decided it was best to check out some of the stores for girls and use the air conditioning to cool off. Since doing daygame in Japan, going inside stores has really become a staple of my approaches. I would estimate that I do around a third of my approches indoors. Going inside stores has some benefits, e.g. you don’t have to kill the momentum of the girl walking and it seems a bit more natural opening girls in this environment in my opinion as opposed to doing the front stop on the street. The drawback is that there is more social pressure on you (especially if people nearby are listening in), but if you can stomach it, shops and stores can be great environments for opening girls.

I saw, let’s call her Lara, in a Pull&Bear store browsing clothes. She looked very cute and had a nice, petite stature (I would later learn that she was only 1.51m tall and weighed around 45 kg), so I decided to introduce myself. I was so in the moment that I don’t remember how I opened her, but after I banged her she told me that I called her a cute, little hamster, which makes sense considering her proportions. Lara almost didn’t speak any English, so having learned from my mistake with Chilean girl #1, I pulled out the good old Google Translate and pretended not to really speak nor understand much Spanish (although I did sprinkle in a few words here and there to help the conversation).

The vibe of the interaction was really on, I was teasing her about being a bad English student (because of her basic speaking skills) and later in the investment phase of the model, we were standing quite close to each other comparing tans whilst talking about summer in Barcelona / going to the beach etc. We exchanged phone numbers and she told me “tu me encantas” at the end, which roughly means “I like you a lot”. Nice.

After some initial back and forth, she stopped replying to me, so I sent her a voice message and we set up the date.

I met Lara outside the metro station and immediately it was on. I told her off for being late with a cheeky grin and occasionally put my arm around her to pull her into me while we were walking to the first venue. She was all smiles. To outsiders, it must have looked like we knew each other for a long time, we were that comfortable with each other from the very beginning.

At the first venue, she wanted me to try some traditional Mexican cocktail (Michelada), so we ordered two of them. They tasted absolutely ghastly. Like spicy tomato juice mixed with beer. It tasted like something people would have to drink as a dare. At least I didn’t have to pay for them since she bought the first (and only) round.

Attraction was evidently done, so I just leaned back and we did some comfort chit-chat. After just 10 minutes or so she had that look on her face like she wanted to be kissed, so I just leaned in and we kissed. Soon afterwards, she asked me “where do you live?”. Tom Torero mentioned in one of his podcasts (I think it’s called date diagnosis) that if a girl says something like that to you, it means you should abandon the rest of your planned date and just bounce home. So that is exactly what I did. After some more time, I said “let’s go to some other place” and led her out of the first venue in the direction of my apartment. When we had some momentum going, I told her “let’s go to my place for a quick drink, I’ll show you a bit of guitar, and afterwards we can go to another bar”.

Back at my place, we chilled out a bit on my sofa while listening to music and drinking sangria. We started making out again, so I just picked up her petite body and carried her to the bedroom. Soon our clothes were off and we were fucking like rabbits. I was definitely pleased with myself seeing this cute little minx moaning and gasping underneath me.

After we had banged, my Spanish speaking abilities miraculously improved, which she caught on to. She busted my balls for a minute or so, but I just claimed that I was too shy about my Spanish and it wasn’t a big deal after all. I let her stay over and the next day we went to the beach together, it was quite nice actually.

Now, I could get all upset about all the girls I didn’t close, but at the end of the day, I went out there daygaming (in not the best conditions), gave it a good try and got laid with a cute petite girl, so I’m at peace with my results. And this was my 10th daygame lay, so I’m happy that I reached that milestone.

Learning points:

  • don’t speak a girl’s language if you are not completely comfortable in it
  • if the girl says something like “do you live alone” or “where do you live”, it’s a signal for you to pull the trigger and bounce home

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