Flags – 17

All of my flags in order of collection (as of September 2020).


  • German (1 pre-game, 2 post-game)
  • Chinese (1 pre-game, 1 post-game)

New game flags

  • Russian (1st daygame lay in September 2015 after 80 approaches)
  • Thai (3 in total)
  • Japanese (4 in total)
  • USA
  • Austrian
  • Hungarian
  • Turkish (2 in total, 1 of them virgin (first handjob, first blowjob))
  • French
  • Vietnamese (first kiss, first handjob, first blowjob, virgin, anal virginity)
  • Cuban
  • Mexican
  • Polish
  • Brazilian
  • Colombian (anal virginity)
  • Ecuadorian

Flags: 17 (as of September 2020)

Total notches: 26 (as of September 2020)

Pre-(day)game, I was a fairly chody guy who was pretty clueless with women (only having 2 notches at that point) and more importantly didn’t take any action. It was only when I hit rock-bottom (which was around 2015), that I decided I had enough of my situation with women and that it was time to take decisive action, no matter how much it scared me at that time. This was the reason I initially started this blog, to chronicle my trials and tribulations, leaving behind the theory and mental masturbation, foraying into the world of applied game and practical pick-up.

Daygame was the great catalyst for my change. Although I only have 10 daygame lays to my name (as of September 2020), approaching hundreds of girls and going on dozens of dates has raised my confidence immeasurably and taught me more about women (and what I can achieve) than tinder or going to bars/clubs ever could have. The other 14 non-daygame notches that I got wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for me hitting the streets and shops talking to real women.

I still have a lot to learn and master when it comes to pick-up and game, but being in my mid-20’s, there’s still a lot of time to really get the skillset down before I hit my prime years as a man. And, what is equally important, I know that the way to get there is through daygame, taking decisive action and facing my fears in the real world.

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