The voice ping resurrection text

This is an idea that I have tested on a couple of girls and have seen good results with. I actually started doing it as a bit of a joke, but seeing that it seems to be working quite well, I will probably use this technique again in future interactions.

Basically anytime you had a good interaction with a girl but she doesn’t reply to your texts anymore (after some initial back and forth), try sending a voice message to her and see if you can revive the lead that way. The way I’ve been doing it is like this:

  1. First thing to remember is to talk low, slow and with a calm masculine tone. During the 3-month complete lockdown in Barcelona, I was playing a lot of Red Dead Redemption 2 on my flatmate’s playstation. The main character in the game, Arthur Morgan, has a really cool masculine voice, so I’ve been basically trying to replicate his voice tone in my messages, to an almost comical degree. See 0:59 – 1:10 in this video to get an idea. Record the voice message on your phone a couple of times and listen back to it to get it right. Make sure that your voice inflection goes down after each sentence.
  2. In the message, I told the girls that I was leaving Barcelona soon, but that I enjoyed talking to them and that it would be cool to grab a drink before I went. I did this so that it would create a bit of the old scarcity and also so that the girls knew I wouldn’t be a long-term option, only a short-term fling. If they came out, the possibility of the lay on the first date were high. If I wasn’t leaving the city, I would just leave that part of the message out.
Me resurrecting a lead, yesterday

Of the 3 girls I tested this on, 2 came out on a date and I fucked 1 of them (lay report to follow). I think the reason why it worked is because it’s unexpected and the girls see you more as a “real” person, not just a phone number. And if you get the masculine voice tone right, it might even make them horny (just like hearing a sweet feminine voice is pleasant to men). The one girl I fucked didn’t even speak English, but it still worked for the above mentioned reasons and the fact that it’s not so much about the content of the message, but more about how you deliver it. I think it’s generally a good idea to throw in voice messages in text conversations with girls once in a while, I will definitely try this more in the future.

4 thoughts on “The voice ping resurrection text

  1. This looks like another example of simple but effective idea. I like simplicity and will try this. Will be fun to try to get the most masculine tone possible:) Thanks man!


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