February 2019 recap

Sets Number* Date** Lays
31 11 3 0

* unforced numbers

** meaning girls that came out, not individual number of dates

In January I said I wanted to do more sets, but here I am again with 30 sets. Oops.

What has changed though in comparison to January is my number close rate, which improved from 1-in-5 in Jan to 1-in-3 in Feb. I think this comes down to sexual intent and generally becoming more used to daygame again.

From those 11 number closes, I whittled down my leads to the following four:

1) 18yo Ukrainian ballerina: Not actually a ballerina, but that was my initial stack with her because she’s slim and petite. I saw her walking into a perfume and cosmetics store after giving me a short glance. It was a Friday afternoon so the store was packed, so I had to wait until a bit of some space opened up to open. She was very receptive so we arranged to meet the next day over text. We had a coffee, then walked around English Garden a bit and I kissed her. It turned out that we lived in the same dorm, so for next date I showed her the music room at my dorm. Some heavy make-out there. I tried to bounce her back to my place but she excused herself. 3rd date was cooking at my place and watching a movie. We didn’t get far with the movie because I started to escalate after 15 minutes. She went along with it for a bit but eventually said that she needed to go (meaning the escalation was too fast). I persuaded her to stay and she basically told me she wants something more serious. I actually concured. I like this girl a lot and she has been exhibiting some of the most adorable feminine behaviour (cooking for me, leaving a surprise gift at my door step, generally being a pleasure to be around) . And she’s a virgin.

2) 26yo Afghan girl: I actually met her the same day as the Ukrainian girl. I only did 2 approaches that day, which resulted in 2 number closes of… 2 virgins. Yep, she’s a virgin too. I saw her walking past in a department store and just thought I couldn’t let her walk past like that. A hard 8. Long, dark hair, big dark eyes and an impeccable style. The set actually was quite long but I couldn’t really read her interest level back then. I could see that she was nervous, but I couldn’t tell if she remained in the set because of politeness or if she was actually interested. We met for a coffee date and a walk in a park yesterday, so the latter it was. She’s also has a really pleasant feminine disposition and the reason why I couldn’t read her is because she’s a bit clueless when it comes to men. She’s a strict muslim (no alcohol ever, praying etc.) and told me she never had a serious boyfriend yet. I tried to kiss her twice in the park and the way she didn’t know what to do was quite cute (she didn’t kiss me back though). I can tell that she’s into me though. We’ll see where this one goes, but the P-in-V full close is very unlikely here.

3) 20yo Turkish girl: And another virgin. We’ve been pinging and maybe I’ll meet her next weekend, but it’s not clear.

4) 19yo Scarlett Johansson look-alike: the girl from Zara (see the post above). Gonna meet her next week when she comes to Munich.

Since I’m gonna be busy with my thesis from now on, I’m probably not going to do much daygame in March. So those 4 leads have to suffice for the time being.

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