A daygame session I had the other day

This one happened around 2 week ago…

It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m doing my usual solo daygame session. After getting over that first approach, I go into Zara and spot a cute girl doing her shopping. She looks quite similar to Scarlett Johansson but with a bit of a latina look (i.e. big brown eyes and dark brown hair). I see her getting on the escalator so I follow and actually open her on the escalator, telling her she’s cute and that she looks a bit like a Mexican Scarlett Johansson (say what you see). She loves the opener so I stack forward with the Mexican theme and accuse her of doing too many Tequila shots the night before because she was looking a bit sleepy. I reach hook-point easily, so I invest her by asking some open-ended questions about herself and ground myself as well. All the while I’m doing the “tiger eyes” and I can see how captivated she is by it. Unfortunately she lives in a mid-sized city around 1.5 hours from Munich, but she tells me that she comes to Munich every so often so this is one for the long game. At the end of the interaction, she tells me that she loves the fact that I had the balls to approach her like that. Quite flattering.

Like this, but with darker hair and brown eyes

We’ve been texting and she’s invested, and we arranged to meet in the beginning of March when she comes to Munich for a concert. Let’s see where this one goes.

I do one more unremarkable approach and then find myself in the university district looking for sets. I see a girl in the distance coming out of a library looking at me briefly. As I come closer to her, I see her carrying a bag of my faculty. Instead of doing the usual direct opener, I opt for an indirect one whilst maintaining a direct sub-communication mainly through my eyes. A young Turkish girl from Istanbul. Petite and cute, with a bit of a latina look as well. I reach hook-point, so after some back-and-forth I just ask her if she wants to join me on a coffee. She says yes so we start walking down the street. The whole thing felt very normal, as if two people who barely know eachother getting coffee together was the most normal thing in the world.

We settle into a coffee shop and do the usual getting-to-know-eachother chit-chat. After the initial small-talk, I start to direct the conversation onto more personal, man-to-woman topics (e.g. if she dated a German guy yet or how Turkish and German guys compare). I combine this with some physical escalation by taking her hands and touching her long hair. I even drop in a SOI by letting her know that I actually talked to her because I thought she looked quite nice. She accepts it with a shy smile.

We finish our coffees and I ask her if she wants to have another drink in a bar nearby, to which she agrees so I lead her down the street again. There’s a cool alternative thrift shop on the way to the bar, so I bounce her there for some classic time distortion. The shop also helps with the physical escalation a lot. The shop is quite crammed so we have to stand close to eachother a lot and every time she tries on something, I use the opportunity to touch her to make sure the piece “fits correctly”. The escalation there definitely created some good tension.

We arrive at the bar and sit on the outdoor terrace next to each other. I start the questions game after a while and we start to get into some sexual topics. She asks me what the craziest thing I ever did was (after I asked her that question first), so I ask her if she wants a sexual or non-sexual answer. She goes for the sexual one, so I tell her about my experience taking MDMA with my ex-girlfriend at the beach and the subsequent sleepless night in the airbnb. While evocatively telling her about it, I make sure to touch her arm and shoulder to emphasize certain parts of the story. I could see how fascinated she was by it. After that, I just lean in to “examine her ear rings” and kiss her. She’s quite into it, but I don’t let it escalate to a full make-out just yet.

It was around 8 pm at that point, so I suggest going to the student bar at my dormitory to get something to eat. She says that she has been so spontaneous today, that she might as well come there as well. We never made it to the student bar. I bounce her back to my place under the pretext of “dropping our stuff before we go”, but we’re soon on my sofa fully making-out. The funny thing is that the whole thing with her felt very natural, like if we knew eachother for a long time. I guess that’s what they call the “love bubble”.

At that point, I think that I might as well push for the SDL so I escalate until we’re both in our underwear on the bed. That’s when she tells me that she’s a virgin and never gotten this far before. I say I understand and keep on escalating. In for a penny, in for a pound. I start to massage and finger her soaking wet pussy and she’s moaning loudly, totally gagging for it. In the back of my mind, I’m thinking about how I would title the lay report if I do bang her. “I same-day-deflower my first 20 year of Turkish student”?, sounds quite nice. Unfortunately, the LMR at the last hurdle is insurmountable at that night. She’s scared that the sex will hurt and I can’t overcome that objection, regardless of how horny I make her. I even go down on her in a last-ditch attempt, but it still doesn’t change her mind. So in the end, I let her touch her first dick and do some comfort stuff to balance the pulling.

We’re still texting and she seems keen, but unfortunately I couldn’t get her out a 2nd time yet because of her busy exam schedule right now, which seems to be a legitimate reason why she couldn’t meet me yet. After her last exam, she’s going back to Instanbul for the holiday, so this lay will take a while if it does in fact happen.

In the past, I maybe would have been a bit miffed about the outcome, but lately I’ve noticed something new: I don’t care at all if an interaction with a particular girl doesn’t lead anywhere. If the Turkish girl stopped texting me back, my reaction would be something like “meh”. I think this stems from my abundance mentality that I have developed lately, which in turn stems from the overwhelmingly good reactions I’ve been getting lately. My lead funnel is quite full at the moment with girls of different interest levels, and juggling all those different girls is more work than it seems (maybe because I haven’t really been in this situation before). So if any one girl falls of the radar, it’s not a big deal for me.

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