January 2019 recap

Sets Number* Date Lays
32 6 1 0

A quick recap on the daygame in January.

Obviously 32 sets for a whole month isn’t that much, but it’s all about getting back into that habit of approaching. What I can say though is that I enjoyed most of the sessions despite the shit weather. Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten back into the game after a long break, and now there is the novelty factor again. But right now I’m enjoying interacting with hot girls and trying to pick them up even if it doesn’t necessarily lead somewhere (I’m getting a lot of the boyfriend objections these days). Only time will tell if that will change.

The goal for February is obvious: putting in more volume.

* I’m only counting unforced numbers. I think if the girl doesn’t willingly give you her number, then there’s very little chance of it going anywhere

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