I bang my first 25 year old Brazilian exchange student

Funnily enough, I never really enjoy writing lay reports (I much more prefer writing about daygame itself or theory), but I’ll do it anyway since it’s good to have them as a reference experience and it also serves as a “retrospection tool” to identify what I did well…

Every other week or so, different kinds of events are held at my dorm ranging from beer pong tournaments to open stage night. The event this time was a Mario Kart Tournament, which sounded like fun, so I gave it a go. I ended up playing against the Brazilian girl for a bit, and afterwards I just struck up a conversation with her, making sure to tease her (the 2014 World Cup gave me plenty of material for that) and break rapport in the beginning. She seemed to like me, so I switched to normal chit-chat rapport for a while before suggesting to swap contact details when the event was starting to wind down. Inexplicably, she just got up from the couches we were sitting on before any contact information were exchanged, put her coat on and went to one of the exits, so I also did the same and left the venue through another exit without acknowledging her any further. She would later tell me that she thought I would go outside with her, but the way she abruptly left mid-conversation didn’t really suggest anything like that. Girl logic.

She added me on facebook and texting ensued, but she was quite flaky and hard to pin down for a date. Around a week later, there was an open stage night, and she asked me if I would be there too. Normally, I wouldn’t recommend joining a girl’s plan, but in this case, I thought it might be worth giving it a try. I turned out to be quite a fun night, I befriended her friends and mixed in attraction with rapport while talking to her.

Three days later, I pinged her again and we made plans for a date the next day. It was very straightforward. I guess meeting her friends and her was a good move.

I took her to a student bar the following evening. We both got cocktails and I started the question game, mostly asking her non-sexual questions like “What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?” or “Tell me about an embarrassing moment that happened to you”. I mixed up the question game with a bit of the good old physical escalation (comparing hand sizes, touching her back), but admittedly it was a bit clumsy at times since I didn’t do it in quite a while.

We finished our drinks, I told her we would go to another bar and led her out of the venue. After we started to walk for a bit, I just took her arm, turned her around to me and tried to kiss her. She gave me a bit of a soft no, smiling but moving her head away. I just shrugged it off and continued walking, talking about nothing in particular to diffuse any awkwardness that could come up.

At the 2nd bar, we continued the question game but this time I steered it onto purely sexual topics. We were talking about craziest sexual experiences, favourite positions and so on. I tried to talk in evocative, descriptive language to get her hindbrain going. I wanted to bounce her to another bar again, but it was snowing outside, so I just told her I would show her my place and we left the venue. Again, I tried to kiss her outside the bar but she gave me the same resistance. I started to wonder if the lay was on or if she was just playing me.

We had to fight our way through a mini snow storm and finally arrived at my room. There is a string of lights hung up above my sofa shining in a seductive light, so coming out of the cold and snowy night, it was very cozy and comfortable. We were listening to some music we liked and I sensed that this time it was definitely on. I attempted the kiss a third time and she reciprocated. The rest was very straightforward. I fractionated between escalating physically and listening to music, until I just took her and threw her on the bed. The sex reminded me a lot of the Cuban girl. It was very sensual and she was moving a lot more than most girls. I wonder if this is a latin american thing.

With her being my 23th notch overall, my notch count has now officially reached parity with my age.

kind of like this

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