Why daygame is good for you

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a metaphor

I just came back from a daygame session. 7 approaches, 3 (unforced) numbers. A cute Irish girl, a sweet Persian-German girl and a nice German girl. What struck me was how random the reactions of the 7 girls I approached were. The first two sets were almost immediate blow-outs, the 3rd set was the Irish girl who immediately had sparkly eyes, the next two sets were luke warm and didn’t go anywhere, then another blow-out, then the Persian-German girl and in the end the German girl.

Daygame really is as much a skill as just going out, flipping stones and seeing what you get. You could get 3 blow-outs in a row, but the next girl you approach might be the one who really fancies you and makes it all worthwhile. I could have given up after the first initial reactions, but I didn’t let it deter me and kept on going, adamant on making something happen. And it paid out in the end.

Thus daygame teaches you resilience and emotional control in a world where instant-gratification and whining is becoming the norm. If you do it right, it will sharpen your social skills and sharpen you as a person. And having spent most of 2018 in a relationship, I really appreciate the excitement it brings into my life. On any given day, I can go out and get to know several different cute girls, as long as I put myself out there and accept the inevitable no’s. I can’t imagine a more empowering mindset than that.

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