I’m so money and I don’t even know it

I’ve just come back from my first proper daygame session in a long time (and the first of 2019). Doing that first approach was really fucking hard after not having done any cold approach in most of 2018. I tried to to do daygame a couple times before already, but self-doubt crept in and I couldn’t get myself to approach. I didn’t feel entitled enough.

But I went out and did that first approach. It resulted in a number close from a 6, so nothing special, but still a small victory and I started to feel better about myself. The next girl I stopped was a point higher and a couple of years younger, she was a bit shocked but soon started to have the “eye spazz”. She had a boyfriend, so I didn’t push it too much, but the interaction felt good and my vibe started to increase. I opened the next few sets and every girl I talked to increased my confidence, and the momentum kept on building.

At the end of the session I talked to 11 girls, had some fantastic interactions (9 out of the 11 had positive reactions, only 2 were luke-warm) and most importantly, it was a lot of fun. I realized that sometimes guys see the whole daygame thing a bit too seriously (especially when talking about theory and technical stuff) and forget that talking to girls and dating should be something fun and mutually satisfying, instead of being a “grind”. The best interaction I had out of the 11 girls was in fact a girl who was in a relationship, but with whom I was standing just a hand-width apart and could just feel the electricity between us.

So in hindsight my self-doubts were completely irrational. If you’re a guy who has his shit together (to a good degree), has the balls to approach and does it in a genuine way, then most girls will appreciate it and some of them will fancy you, even if they’re in a relationship.

I know that my technical game is very rusty right now, and obviously getting good reactions isn’t the same as getting laid, but I know that if I continue to go out, work on the skillset as well as my value and reflect on my progress, then I can get back to where I was before and become even better. The whole session has made me very determined to get back out there, work on my SMV and become the best man I can be.

*Any guy who didn’t get the title has to watch the movie “Swingers” asap.

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