I bang my first 23 year old Mexican exchange student

I saw, let’s call her Arabella, in the laundry room of our dorm on a lazy Sunday. She flashed me an IOI while we were sorting out our clothes, so I timed my exit in a way that we would walk back towards our rooms together and striking up a conversation seemed natural. Arabella had just arrived for her exchange semester, so I invited her for some drinks in the student pub in the evening. Although the conversation was rather bland, I knew she fancied me.

I checked her whatsapp picture and it showed something very similar to this

Typical beta boyfriend signals of:

  • Guy facing the girl, girl facing away
  • Guy giving off PDA, girl receiving PDA
  • Guy leaning in, girl leaning away

Although I don’t like the angry vibe of heartiste, it really opened my eyes for the subtleties of body language, especially concerning intersexual dynamics.

I meet Arabella a few days later for an afternoon date in the English garden (the pub date fell through due to some logistical issues). Immediately there is sexual tension in the air, so after walking with her for 10 minutes or so, both of us having a beer, I just stop her and kiss her. She kisses back enthusiastically and for the next 2 hours or so, we just walk through the park, connect on certain topics and kiss every now and then. After the beer, I’m in a good mood and tease her a lot with silly things, like making up nonsensical “German” rules she has to obey in the park.

As we sit down on a bench, she says

I have a confession to make.

“What is it”, I reply, thinking she’ll mention the boyfriend.

“I used to be a guy.”

This totally gets me off guard, so for a second I just stare at her increduously and think “could it be”, until she starts laughing and says

“I’m just messing with you. I wanted to say that I have a boyfriend. I thought maybe it would make it less shocking for you that way”

Obviously I knew about the boyfriend (although by the time of the date, she had changed the whatsapp pic to one of her alone). I tell her something along the lines of “relationships are good if both sides get something out of it, but if one of the two starts to get bored or feels something is missing, then probably it’s better to break up and start something new”. I didn’t even try to convince her of anything, instead letting her make up her own mind.

As we start walking again, I tell her we should go back to my place to cook something, which she calls “probably not a good idea”. So I bounce her to another venue in the park instead, where we share another beer and talk about all kinds of things again. After we finish the beer, I just lead her back to the dorm and into my room. 10 minutes later we’re having sex on the carpet.

I told the story to my non-game friends and they were outraged, saying that it was wrong that I would willingly sleep with a girl that has a bf, because I could emotionally hurt the bf in the process. The way I see it is that the girl is old enough and can make her own decisions, and what she decides to do is not really my responsibility at all. And after all, it’s basic biology. Women’s dual-mating strategy of finding a beta for provisioning and an alpha for the DNA.

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