Getting back into daygame once again

This year I haven’t done any daygame yet. Partly because the weather was quite bad until now and I was busy with uni, but more importantly because I was having a mini-relationship with a Polish girl that I became friends with on my Erasmus semester.

We were in contact since our semester in Zagreb and since she’d broken up with her boyfriend in the mean time, I decided to visit her in her Silesian city in mid-January. I tested some sexual spikes in our texting beforehand, and she dismissed all of them, so I was prepared that nothing would happen during my weekend there, but for me it was a risk worth taking because I genuinely liked spending time with her anyway.

Luckily it all turned to my favour and she would later confess that she has had sexual thoughts about me as well, even though she didn’t think everything would happen that fast. What’s interesting for me is that during the questions game on our first night, she revealed that she feels horny most of the time of the month, which is in stark contrast to her “good girl” behaviour and looks.

I visited her once again in St. Petersburg after my exams, and we had a great time there together, but I knew that a long-distance relationship wasn’t a viable option for me in the long term, so it all fizzled out after that. I hadn’t had such strong feelings for a girl in a long time, so the end was quite tough on me as well.


So where do I stand now? I know that I have to take control of my dating life again, which means going out and meeting new girls. Lately I have been having longer periods of what could be called ‘social fatigue’, where I just couldn’t be bothered getting to know new people, let alone going out talking to girls. I think I just have to force myself out of these negative thought patterns, get myself out there again and just see what will happen without any expectations. Freedom from outcome and self-amusement may be the key here.

To help me with this, I will start actively blogging about my experiences again, and probably track some stats as well.

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