I bang my first 27 year old Cuban teacher

*This one happened a couple days before new year’s eve, so in late December 2017.*

I’ve been to Cuba for around 2 weeks now (visiting my sister) and I’m definitely not loving it here. It’s nice escaping the dreary European winter for a while, walking around Havana city in nice summery temperatures, but other than that, everything is how you expect it to be in a backward Socialist country. Long queues for everything, bland food, fragile infrastructure, people trying to rip you off and hardly any internet connection.

As for the girls, there are cute Cuban girls here and there, some of which are black and suprisingly hot (never found black girls attractive before), but somehow my offline English-Spanish translator app stopped working and the shitty internet doesn’t allow me to download a new one, so I’ve hardly been approaching at all. Few people speak English here, so the couple times I’ve tried, the language barrier was too much for daygame to work.

Oxford Street, Socialism edition

Oxford Street, Socialism edition

On top of that, my phone stopped charging because of a faulty battery, so with the help of my sister I find an illegal private iPhone repair shop in some back alley. This is where the lay story begins.

The shop is a tiny room crammed with around 30 people, all waiting for the turn to get their phones fixed. My sister leaves me there, so I find a seat in the corner of the room and start reading a book. While looking around the room once in a while, I spot a cute early 20’s-looking Hispanic girl sitting in the other corner. Black curly hair, dark toned skin, petite frame. I look over to her once in a while, and she notices my glances and looks back as well. I didn’t know it at the time but I was inadvertently forcing an IOI. She would later tell me that she thought I looked cute and was curious why I was looking at her so much.

After some time, she starts speaking in English to the girl who’s sitting next to me (turns out it was her cousin) and we get into a conversation. It’s just chit-chat and I’m not doing any game at all, except of holding strong eye-contact and “projecting authenticity”. She actually asks me if I have any plans that evening, so we decide to meet up later that day.

When we meet around 9pm I’m sure that it’s on. I lead her to a bar nearby and we get to know eachother better over a drink, with her telling me that she’s a teacher in New York visiting her Cuban family over new year’s. Since I’ve decided to do less pulling on dates in 2018, I just lean back, relax and try to keep the conversation rolling naturally (by mostly answering with statements/evocative language).

I spike it up at the end of venue one by jokingly accusing her of trying to seduce an “innocent young man” (since she’s older than me), telling her that “I’m on my period so nothing will happen tonight” (flipping the script). Since our initial encounter was devoid of any real spiking/game, she’s taken aback but loves it.

As we’re leaving the bar and walking down the street, my calibration tells me that she’s ready to be kissed, so I just grab her arm, turn her towards me and kiss her. She’s totally into it and soon we’re making out heavily, with my hand grabbing her ass underneath the skirt.

She wants to show me the Malecon, so I let her lead us there (I wasn’t worried about the frame, and I wanted to relax more on dates anyway). Once we’re there, it’s pretty cool seeing the waves clash against the wall in the darkness of the night, splashing up into the air and making out with her sitting on the edge of the wall. She says something along the lines of “you’re horny, aren’t you” to which I reply “no, but I think you are”, so I put my hand underneath her skirt. And yep, her panties were already soaking wet.

the malecon

I lead her to a bar nearby and we have one more drink before starting to walk towards my place. It’s already explicitly agreed that we would have sex, so the only thing I needed to be careful about was not to trigger her ASD (she would bring up some comments about how “she never does this kind of thing”).

On the way to my accomodation, she tells me it’s forbidden for guests staying at casa particulars (Cuban bed’n’breakfasts) to bring back guests (supposedly to reduce prostitution). So the only thing that could still sabotage the lay was for the housekeeper to find the girl. Luckily, my room is just behind the entrance, so I manage to quickly sneak her into the room.

I close the door behind me, we sit on the bed and I think nothing can stop the lay now. “I have to use the bathroom” she says. The bathroom is on the other side of the house, so I check out the situation and when I think it’s safe, I motion to her to quickly go. She manages to get there undetected, but as she’s about to go out, the door of the housekeeper’s room opens.

I literally had half a second time to think of how to prevent the housekeeper from seeing the girl, so the best I could come up with was to to step in front of her, trying to block her frontal view as much as possible, and engaging her in my broken Spanish. I still don’t know how I managed to salvage that situation. Somehow the girl sneaks back into the room behind me. The things I do for a lay.

The rest was simple. No LMR, so I secure the bang with ease. I checked my lay reports the other day and it seems like I’ve laid at least one new girl for 5 consecutive months (my longest kill lay streak so far).

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