My 2017 Game Stats

It’s that time of the year again. Just like in earlier years, I’ve seen a continuous upwards trajectory of my results. This year I’ve approched more girls, been on more dates, experienced more rejections and fucked more girls than ever before. First of all, the daygame stats:

  • Opens: 356
  • Dates: around 25-30 (didn’t count)
  • Lays: 5

So basically all my daygame stats improved. I opened more, I got a better open/date-ratio and I laid almost as many girls through daygame alone as I did in the whole of 2016.

The reason why my open/date-ratio is quite good, but my date/lay-ratio is so bad is because I had a really bad run in Zagreb, where I opened around 140 girls, went on a shit loads of dates and laid none. People say emotional control is the foundation of game and it’s definitely true. Just like in poker, you’ll have bad runs and bad beats in Game, but you just have to try to stay positive and carry on (and then win in the long run).

Apart from my daygame lays, I laid 5 more new girls through other ways:

  • Flatmates: 2
  • Social circle: 1
  • Incidental: 2 (the German girl and the Cuban girl, don’t really know how to call this category)
  • (repeats from previous years: 1)

Nationalities of all new girls:

  • Japan: 2
  • Austria: 1 (new flag)
  • Hungary: 1 (new flag)
  • Turkey: 1 (new flag)
  • Chinese: 1
  • French: 1 (new flag)
  • German: 2
  • Cuban: 1

So all in all, I had sex with 11 different girls this year. I think that’s pretty solid, although I probably could have done even better. I noticed that when you’ve been in the game community and doing game for a long time, that your perception of what’s normal in dating quickly changes.

In mid-2015, when I was beginning with pickup, taking a phone number of a hot girl that I met on the street was out of my reality (let alone fucking 11 girls in a year). Nowadays, meeting a girl on the street, taking her phone number, taking her on a date 3 days later and fucking her within 90 minutes on the first date is totally acceptable and normal for me. And maybe in a few years, my 2017 results will look modest to me.

It’s really only when you look back at your own progress and the things you’ve achieved that you start to realize how much better you’ve become. The pickup journey is a tough one, so it’s always good to look back once in a while and to appreciate the progress.

I can’t say that I had any big reference experiences this year. One thing that has become clearer to me is what I think of as “game”. There are probably dozens of definitions in the community, but my personal one is this: game = approach + value.

What I mean this is that I think of game as one part technical prowess (the “approach” part) and one part personal sexual market value. In order to have good game (success with girls), it’s best to have an understanding of technical game (attraction->comfort->seduction, how to approach and hook girls, actually approaching girls, state control, shit tests, importance of frame, flipping the script, comfort and escalation, how to navigate girls through the dating process, LMR and so on) as well as high smv (like strong inner game, high self-esteem, confidence, dominance, masculine energy, sense of entitlement).

If either of those two component is severely lacking, then results with girls will be poor. On the one side of the extreme, there is the weirdo pua guy I saw the other day in my hometown. Although he was approaching, his overall demeanor was just signalling low smv. Very game-y and clownish with no masculine gravitas. And if I can see it, then girls can definitely see it.

On the other hand, there is my friend who is a male 8, very social and charismatic as well as sexual with girls on parties, whose results are meager because he’s just not approaching enough and if he has a lead, he doesn’t close. His problem is that he doesn’t properly deliver the value he has.

With that being said, what do I want to focus on in 2018?

  • improve my date game: based on the stats, it’s pretty obvious that I’m losing a lot of girls on the first date. 2017 was the year of fast sex for me. I laid 6 of the 10 girls on the first date. Obviously, it does work to some degree, but I think I’m also losing too many girls by overpulling. It’s not solid game. Especially with the hotter girls, it’s better to take my time and go on multiple dates instead of burning the lead by going for it too fast. So my goal for 2018 is to improve my date game. Instead of overescalating and hoping for the best, I will try to solifidy the interaction on the date, take my time and work on getting to know the girl (with the focus on authenticity and rapport-building). So basically getting away from putting myself under pressure by trying to fuck her as fast as possible and instead enjoying the whole dating experience.
  • work on external value: what I understand as external value is everything that has to do with outward appearance. I don’t think it’s nearly as important as for example having a strong frame or approaching girls, but it’s still something that plays into the personal sexual market value part of game and that shouldn’t be neglected. It’s a bit of a vague goal, but in 2018 I want to work on mainly my physique, my fashion style and my voice. Getting that area sorted. Looking and sounding like a man that hot girls would fuck.

4 thoughts on “My 2017 Game Stats

  1. Good stuff, always interesting to see others’ results (even though it’s only the comparison with your past self that matters; as you pointed out). Out of interest, do you think your results are scalable?


    1. I’m not sure what you exactly mean by scalable. If you mean if I can get better results (more lays) with the same kind of effort… definitely, since my dating still has a lot of room for improvement.
      And if you’re asking something like if my lays would have doubled if I did double the approaches… probably, but going on so many dates-to-nowhere is pretty frustrating, so I would rather go on less dates but with more success.


      1. Yeh the latter is what I meant. What do you consider as a date to nowhere? For me it would be one where the girl showed up just out of curiosity or was specifically not looking for fast sex.


      2. I would say a date that doesn’t move the whole thing to the conclusion of sex. Be it because she was a time-waster, my date game wasn’t good enough or simply because we didn’t connect. Not including dates that were necessary to make the girl more comfortable… will probably go on a lot more of those in 2018

        Nice podcast with Tom by the way. It was interesting to hear your story 🙂


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