I deflower my first 20 year old Pharmacy student

Approaches: 348 out of 700

Lays: 9

Somehow I’m getting laid without putting in that much effort these days. Maybe it’s due to lucky variance, or I’m actually getting good.

This one started 2 weeks ago, around Halloween. It’s Friday evening and I’m out solo daygaming again, trying to psych myself into approaching. The weather is cold, dark and wet, and my vibe is equally flat. I’ve been out for around 30 minutes without opening, so I decide to go inside and check out one of the big book shops for sets.

As I wander around the shop, I see a cute Asian girl standing at one of the shelves. Petite with big round eyes. She looks a bit jailbait-y, so I’m lingering around unsure if I should open her, but when she leaves the shop, I follow her and stop her in front of the entrance.

kind of like this, but please add at least one point


The daygame was subpar to say the least. I didn’t even go direct, instead rambling about seeing her on a recent university party (she carried a cloth bag of one of the local universities with her), accusing her of getting drunk on shots or something along those lines. It didn’t even matter. She liked me from the beginning.

I learn that she’s 20 years old, ethnically Vietnamese and in her first year of university. After some basic rapport and grounding, I take her number. I tried to continue the daygame session, but I just wasn’t feeling like approaching that day.

The texting’s easy, she responds quickly so after some back-and-forth we arrange to meet for drinks at the student bar at my dormitory the following week.

I do the typical structure for the first date, first sitting opposite eachother doing comfort chit-chat, sprinkled with some verbal spikes and SOIs, then getting her to sit next to me for some light physical escalation. It’s pretty nice. She’s already in my frame, so it’s very relaxing and I just free-flow through the whole thing.

After around an hour, I bounce her back to my place, where we first sit on the bed watching some music videos on Youtube, then I kiss her and soon we’re fully making-out. She later tells me that it was her first kiss. I sneakily escalate on her, pretty much blasting through her token resistance, until we’re both naked and I’m fingering her, with her moaning a lot and being soaking wet. I try to get inside of her but this time there’s real resistance, so after some time I relent and try to get her to jerk me off.

I put her hand on my dick, and she says “I don’t know how to do this”. She tells me she never had a boyfriend and that she has no experience at all. Didn’t surprise me that much. I show her how to do it, then pour in a lot of comfort for the rest of the date to balance the pull, and bring her to the subway station at the end.

the 2nd date


For the 2nd date I do a bridge date, where I take her for a walk along a river, and do mostly rapport (good rapport question can be found here) and comfort, with a couple of spikes sprinkled in between. I seed the 3rd date by planning to cook dinner at my place the next time.

She comes around the next Friday evening for the dinner. I’d already prepared pretty much everything, so we eat at my place, then go to my bed to kiss and cuddle. I escalate again, this time without any resistance, until we’re both naked. Before I go inside her, she says that she’s worried about contraception, and that she thought about taking the pill, but I assure her that I’ll use a condom so nothing can happen.

After several attempts, I manage to get inside her (she was tight) and after a while I start fucking her quite hard. She’s embarrassed and looks away a lot, but other than that, it’s pretty good sex. We spend the rest of the night lying on the bed, cuddling and talking, and at the end of the night I fuck her once more.

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