Gaming myself 

Approaches: 338 out of 700

Lays: 8

These last couple of days I’ve been feeling a total lack of interest in approaching girls. I know that I should get more leads, but it’s been hard to motivate myself to do so. So in order to get over this apathy phase, I’ll try to game myself into approaching by using this blog. 

The next 15 approaches, I will document in detail in this post so I can tell myself that I’m only approaching to have something to write about.

(1) Girl with headphones walking down the street. Realised that she wasn’t my type when she was in front of me. Ejected from the set

(2) A girl from Bulgaria, tried to stack but didn’t reach hook-point

(3) Front stopped a hot Spanish girl. Talked for around 2 minutes but never reached hook point.

(4) Tapped a girl walking out of a shop on the shoulder. She was startled in the beginning, but I managed to calm her down. Turned out she was from Hungary and worked in a restaurant I sometimes go to. Had a boyfriend.

(5) Another girl whose parents are originally from Bulgaria. Teased her about looking like a Spanish cat. Reached hook point and she seemed to like me. The set made me realize that I need to work more on the investment “getting-to-know-the-girl” part of the interaction. Exchanged numbers and we texted back and forth for a week, even arranged to meet, but she got sick. Might see her again, we’ll see.

(6) Approached a really beautiful girl with model-esque features in a store. Turns out she was from Ukraine on a school trip and 16. Very feminine too. I knew she liked me and the interaction was solid too, but she went back to her city near Lviv the next day. Took her contact details anyway, we texted a bit but I can’t be bothered to keep in contact with her. Not a big fan of long game when the odds of seeing her again are so low.

(7) Saw a hot exotic looking girl walk down the street. Did a tapping the shoulder side-stop on her. Turned out she was from Mexico and arrived a month ago to work as an au-pair. The set lasted for 5 minutes or so, but it never seemed to reach hook-point. Took her number, but flaked.

(8) Stopped a girl in a department store but realized she wasn’t as hot as I thought so ejected by pretending be asking her for directions to a store.

(9) Another exotic looking girl walking out of a store. Teased her about looking like a siamese cat, but she didn’t quite get it. No hook.

(10) Was out approaching with a friend for a change and I told him to point out a set for me to approach (I was feeling reluctant again). When we were inside a department store, he pointed to a girl standing at the cosmetic section. I knew she was probably too young, but I didn’t want to weasel out again so after some time went over and approached her in a direct way. Immediate hook point and eye sparkle from her. Talked with her for a bit. Turned out she was half-Macedonian and 13 years old. Whoops. Joking told her I was 11, to which she laughed, and then told her to have a nice day and ejected.

(11) Approached a good-looking Italian girl in front of a shop. Had a 5min set, but didn’t really reach hook-point. She gave me the number, but flaked.

(12) Saw a girl standing in an underground passage. Opened her but she had a bf, and she had a strange low voice anyway, so I kind of ejected.

(13) No hook.

(14) Frontstopped a beautiful Mexican girl. Stacked by calling her a Japanese hamster “she had some Asian features”, but she had to go, so I took her number. Set was under 2 min, so will probably flake.

(15) No hook.

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