I bang my first 19 year old German student

Approaches: 337 out of 700

Lays: 8

It seems like the less I care about getting laid, the easier it gets.

This one started two weeks prior after a night in a student bar with friends. As I take the subway home, a hot, posh blonde girl sits down opposite of me, although the rest of the carriage is basically empty. I suspect it may be a proximity IOI, but she doesn’t really look back at me and I’m also thinking that she just looks too hot to be interested in me just based on my aesthetics. And after a night out talking to a lot of girls, I couldn’t be bothered anymore. Being a bit tired, I close my eyes and chill for the rest of the ride. 

As we arrive at my subway stop, I open my eyes and see that she is just about to touch my thigh to wake me up. She looks a bit embarrassed and leaves the subway. I follow her and start talking to her while walking besides her, something about how she knew that I was getting off at that station. I immediately like the girl. She’s very feminine and has a great open and friendly vibe. Basically ticking off all the things that I like in a girl. There seem to be signs of attraction, but I’m not sure if it’s just part of her personality. We live in the same dormitory, so I try and get in some teases and rapport on the short way there. We exchange numbers with the promise to meet again for a beer in the student bar of the dormitory.

Texting was not as straightforward as I thought it would be. I overinvest in the beginning, thinking that she likes me enough to get a text flow going easily, but she gives me a short reply, so I vaccum to protect the frame. I re-engage after almost a week, but she still gives me short tardy replies, so I just send her the date request anyway thinking it’s probably a dead lead. Surprisingly she actually agrees to the date, she might be just not much of a texter. 

We meet in front of the student bar one evening and she’s the same smiley friendly girl that I met a fortnight ago. She’s a couple centimeters taller than me, which makes me a bit uneasy, but I try not to show it. We get beers and do some light getting-to-know-eachother chit-chat sitting opposite of eachother. I do a lot of flipping the script early on, accusing her of picking up inebriated guys on the subway and having a beer with a different guy every other night. I also find out that she never had a proper boyfriend, so I cheekily disqualify myself by suggesting to find somebody for her in the bar and pointing to different guys. Recently, I’ve been trying to do less verbal escalation and instead create tension by doing more under-the-radar sub-communication stuff by projecting my desire through my eyes. Which basically means I was eye-fucking her occasionally throughout the first beer.

When we get our 2nd beer I sit next to her and do the usual physical escalation by checking her for tattoos, touching her back and so on. This has the purpose of creating sexual tension as well as giving me indications if she’s ready to be bounced home. I get amber lights with her accepting the escalation but not reciprocating, so I suggest trying some hot wine I bought back at my place. She agrees without hesitation, so we head back to my place which is not even a minute away. 

We get to my place, I prepare the hot wine, we drink a sip and go sit on my bed where I show her a bit of guitar playing. I sense the sexual tension, she even suggests going to a student party somewhere together, so I just take the hot wine from her hand and put it away, and then kiss her.

I push her down onto the bed and start escalating hard. When I try to open her pants, she meekly pushes away my hand, but it’s very transparently just token LMR. I soon get her out of her pants, finger her a bit and then bang her.

I remember that I wasn’t very much into the sex. The notch-revulsion phase seems to last longer than I thought. Maybe it was the alcohol that I drank (I should limit the amount I drink on dates from now on), but I would have much rather just chilled with her on the bed. But at that moment, I thought that the window of opportunity with this girl just opened, so I better fuck her than not. 

I actually like the girl and would see her again, but I think she’s not really looking for anything serious, and at the moment it seems unlikely that I can even convert her to a fuckbuddy.

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