What I look for in a girl

Approaches: 329 out of 700

Lays: 7

I’ve been thinking of writing this kind of post for a while. But last weekend’s night out encountering all kinds of bitchy girls really made me think about this topic. Life is too short to spend it with unpleasant girls. I think writing about this will also help me with my daygame, since I will be more aware of what type of girl I am exactly looking for. Thus I can screen girls faster and minimize the time spend with girls I don’t like. And having a discriminating taste is sexy.

So this is my list of things that I look for in a girl

  • Beauty

Attractive face, slim body, clear skin, shiny hair, perky boobs, well-rounded ass. Obvious stuff. Apart from that, I personally prefer the young, cute look over the beautiful model-esque look. 

my type
  • Feminine vibe and playfulness

Sometimes I have daygame sets where as soon as I open and look the girl in the eye, I know she’s my type of girl. What they all shared is that the girl had a initially demure but expectant and expressive look, while radiating with femininity. Talking to those girls would give me a high for the rest of the day. 

It’s not easy to pinpoint what exactly makes those girls so attractive to me. I think it’s a combination of her demure attitude and acceptance of her role as a girl, creating a strong male-female polarity. These were also the types of girls that I could never imagine swearing, shouting, talking vulgarly, arguing in an aggressive way, be rude to guys or engage in any other kind of male behaviour.

Another part of what made me feel so good about being with those girls was their playful vibe. They didn’t take themselves so seriously and understood the art of playfulness. The opposite, a girl who is too serious about everything and has a too-cool-for -school vibe is a big turn-off for me. 

Coincidentally, a lot of those demure (slightly introverted), feminine and playful girls that I like can be found in Japan.

  • Confidence

I value confidence in girls. When I talk about liking demure girls, I don’t mean “Yes”-girls that accept everything I do. For example two feminine and demure girls that I met through daygame and liked a lot (a Russian girl who was my first daygame lay and who I dated afterwards, as well as one of the Japanese girls), tested and challenged me a lot until I slept with them. I accept that it’s part of the mating dance and I don’t mind  them doing it, it’s normal.

I think what I look for in a girl in self-sufficiency. A girl who makes up her own opinion, who has a variety of interests and isn’t just about mundane stuff like social media, fashion and gossip.

I had a couple of dates where the girl had nothing going for herself except of her looks, no interesting things to say, and I got bored very quickly. 

The good thing is that by asking screening/qualifying questions, I can see if she’s an interesting girl and at the same time it’s also good for my game.

The list is what I like in girls so far and is not conclusive. Probably when I get more experience with girls, then there will be more points added to the list.

So for the next couple of daygame session, I want to try to properly screen for the type of girl that I described above. If the girl doesn’t meet those criteria, then I  will eject. Let’s see how it goes.

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