I bang my first 21 year old French Erasmus student

Approaches: 314 out of 700

Lays: 7

After frustratingly having 2 dates from daygame go nowhere in my last week in Budapest, this was a great win.

So this is what happened: it’s my 2nd last night in Budapest and I’m out with my Turkish flatmate, 2 of her Turkish guy friends and my French flatmate. We’re just chilling out in a sports bar, pre-drinking for the night out. The French girl is basically always doing her own thing, hanging out with her Erasmus friends and partying a lot, so this is the first time that we go out together.

After having a couple of drinks and getting a good buzz, I start talking about the dates I had that week, explaining with a lot of detail how I met them, and how my usual date structure goes. The French girl is interested, so in a parodying, exaggerated way, I demonstrate my physical escalation model on her. We compare hand sizes, I check her out for tattoos, we compare our tan and I touch her neck and lower back while asking something about her hair length. 

While doing the escalation, I see her giving off the classic “flicking-the-hair” attraction sign and I just think: “This could get interesting”. 

We finish our pre-drinking, and go to a ruin bar called Instant. The Turkish girl goes home since she wasn’t feeling well, so it’s just me, the French girl and the 2 Turkish guys. The rest of the night in Instant is just a hazy memory now, but I remember that we somehow lose the 2 guys (not deliberately), then check out different dance floors until eventually chill out on a sofa having another drink. I eye fuck her a lot and after several tries we finally make-out. 

We leave the club as the sun is coming up again and go back to the flat. From there, we just chill in her room for a while, then move to my room. I escalate again, she tells me that she’s on her period (to which I say I don’t care) and then we finally fuck.

For a number of reasons, I didn’t enjoy the whole experience as much as I could have. The French girl herself is very friendly, pretty and has a great, slim body, but after a night out with a lot of drinking, I was just too tired to fuck her properly to the point that I almost felt sick. Obviously, the period thing was also a bit of a turn-off, but not as much as the smell of cigarettes that she gave off. Really bad. I don’t get why every French girl has to smoke. 

And the last reason, that I’ve been thinking about for some time, is that the satisfaction I get from each new lay is going down for a while now. In the beginning of this journey, banging a new girl was a big event and tremendously ego-gratifying. I was a big noob, so each new lay cemented my belief that I could be the guy who’s good with girls. Now that I’ve become reasonably good, much of the early motivation to “prove myself” is gone and getting more notches just doesn’t seem so interesting anymore.

Maybe this is just a game/notch-revulsion phase I’m going through, but right now I think that I’m not that much into casual sex anymore. Now that I’m back in Munich, I might just look for something more stable and long-term.

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