I bang my first 24 year old Chinese exchange student

Approaches: 285 out of 700

Lays: 6

This one began after a short daygame session during which I only approached 2 girls. I didn’t really feel the vibe, and therefore called it a day early.

As I walk into my local supermarket to buy some groceries, I see a cute Japanese-looking girl standing at the checkout. Logistically, it isn’t the easiest approach, so I think about just letting it go, but she’s just my type, so I decide to go for it. I walk past her and wait in the checkout area for her to finish packing her stuff, pretending to look at my phone. As she walks out of the shop, I follow her and stop her with the Yad-stop, making sure to leave enough space as to not scare her. 

She has a good response and I see some early signs of attraction (like her smiling and playing with her hair), so I assume the hook after some light teasing and go into rapport. I find out that she’s a Chinese student living in Tokyo and is in Budapest for an internship program. As I’ve lived in Japan and been to China, we have a lot of things in common and the rapport is good. She tells me that she will go back to Japan soon, so I suggest having a drink in one of the ruin bars before she goes home. I take her contact details and move on.

Advanced PUA Level texting
So we arrange to meet at the entrance gate of the metro station and I intend to walk from there to Szimpla Kert (a famous bar in Budapest). Based on the texting and her initial tardy responses, I don’t expect much from the date. As I’m walking to the meeting place, I get a message from her saying “sorry, gonna be alittle bit late. im walking there from blaha station now”. I respond that we were supposed to meet at the metro, but I don’t get a response. So I first wait at the station for 10 minutes, than go to a pub nearby, drink a beer and wait if she texts me, and finally after around 30-40 minutes head home. Then I get this:

Apparently she just went to Szimpla without telling me, and I still don’t understand why exactly. My first instinct after reading her messages is to not bother with her and not to respond anymore, but after a while I text her again and we rearrange to meet in front of the supermarket. So I head out again and this time meet her there.

She’s dressed in a nice feminine way wearing a black floral jacket and a matching skirt. I tell her off in a half-serious way, but don’t dwell too much on it. As we’re walking towards the bar, I point to the building where I live and we discover that we’re almost neighbours. She also tells me that she will fly back to Tokyo the next day, so I know that it’s going to be a first date lay or nothing.

We stop at a small diner to get something to eat (she didn’t have dinner yet), so I treat it as V1 and we do some light getting-to-know-eachother chit-chat. I discover that she’s actually quite a pleasant girl and I enjoy talking to her. 

After that, I lead her to the bar and give her a tour around the building. We find an empty bench, I get the beer since she paid for our dinner, and we sit next to eachother. I do the usual physical escalation by comparing handsizes, asking her about her hair length (and thereby touching her lower back and neck) and if she has any tattoos. She accepts it all and even touches my shoulder back, so that was a green light for the bounce home. I seed it by talking about the guitar, mentioning some cider I bought that she had to try, and telling her about Planet Earth 2. I finish her beer and then just lead her out of the bar to my home, while doing some random chit-chat.

Back at my place, I take it slowly so I first leave her in my room while I use the bathroom, then we watch some music videos on Youtube, I show her some tunes on the guitar and then finally we watch the documentary. Again, I put my arm around her, then her legs between my legs and then pull her in for the make-out. I escalate until the bang. No LMR.

Despite the silly buggers in the beginning, I actually enjoyed the whole dating experience with her, there were no shit tests at all and we connected quite well. Great lay overall, and nothing I would have changed about her body.

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