Daygame Basics: Non-Verbal Communication

Approaches: 266 out of 700

Lays: 5

Now that we have covered the correct mindset for doing daygame (mainly detaching yourself from the outcome), we can look at what should happen in an ideal interaction itself.
Before examining the various stages of the daygame interaction though, we have to cover the topic of non-verbal communication.

It’s common knowledge in the daygame community that the subtext of the interaction, the “under-the-radar” non-verbal communication is far more important than what’s actually said.

After having done daygame for a while now, these are the points that I tie to this idea:

  • presence: what I mean by this is that especially when opening the girl, you need to project a sense of entitlement. You need to hold the frame that talking to the girl is the most normal thing for you and that you assume she’ll stop for you. What this subcommunicates to the girl is that you are accustomed to getting positive reactions from girls, and that there must be a reason for your entitlement. Thus she’ll give you a window to make a pitch. On the other hand, if you open meekly and apologetically, it conveys the subtext that you’re worried about her approval of you, which means that you’re having a lack of options with girls, which is essentially the opposite of pre-selection. So if you open, do it with conviction.
  • vibe: have you ever been approched by a charity sign-up person who looked like he hates what he’s doing and you instantly recoiled from his bad vibe? This is what I sometimes think of before opening girls. If you approach the girl, you have to bring the vibe (and the value). Girls are especially susceptible to this, as they act on emotions and intuition. What you feel, she feels. This doesn’t mean that you have to go in like a clown, but there needs to be an underlying energy/positivity when you open. You can project this through your eyes, your facial expressions (smirk or smile) and your voice. Which brings us to the next point of…
  • eyes: Perhaps the most important tool for non-verbal communication. Humans are hard-wired to look into each other’s eyes for reading emotions. When talking to girls, we want to project our sexual desire through our eyes. What this pratically means is that when you see the girl you want to open, you should imagine what you would to with her once she’s on your bed naked, and then subcommunicate this desire while you look into her eyes. Look at her like a hungry wolf, or a tiger hunting for its prey. This thing is crucial. She should know from the moment you open her that you want to fuck her. When we’re out daygaming, we’re not looking for new friends. We’re looking to bang girls. Sexual, not social. Don’t hide your dick. Of course you should always fractionate things, so it’s good to dial down the “Tiger eyes” after reaching hook-point, and to put them on again for the close.
  • voice: what you should keep in mind for the voice is to speak with assertive conviction (own your words, so no filler words), to speak expressively and with a low tone. This is especially important in the attraction phase, where your voice tone should be neutral or breaking rapport (pitch going down in the end of a sentence), compared to a rapport-building tonal voice (pitch going up).
  • body language: relaxed, open body language. You can spike things up by slowing closing the distance between you and the girl, to up the sexual tension.

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