I bang my first 20 year old Turkish Erasmus student

Lays: 5

Approaches: 260 out of 700

So I got laid with another girl this week, which is quite nice.

Here in Budapest, I’m currently living in a big flat close to the city centre. A couple days ago, my landlord told me that we would get a new roommate, and she so happened to move in the same evening I had the date scheduled with the pole-dancer.

I didn’t think much of it, assuming the odds of her arriving at the flat the same time as I would bounce back my date were quite low.

But in the end, that’s what exactly happened. She saw me arrive with the girl just as she was arriving at the flat, I played it cool, did a bit of fluff smalltalk and let the other roommates show her her room. I then snuck into my room with the girl. Pre-selection.

The next day, I was free and she was free so I took her on a tour around Budapest, going from the parliament, across the bridge up to Castle Hill, and then ending the evening in Szimpla Kert. So I was leading her the whole evening, and she repeatedly said “you’re the boss” and was happy to follow. 

All the while I was spiking things up intermittently, mixing it with comfort. If you learned through daygame how to spark attraction with a random girl on the street, then it’s not hard to do it with a girl from “social circle”.

The next evening, we were out again, getting something to eat and then going to a bar. On the way back home, I started joking and role-playing that she should give me a traditional Turkish Hamam massage, since my shoulders were stiff from working out. Back at the apartment, we went to her room and she gave me a small massage. I told her that I would show her how to do it properly, so I started to massage her, obviously with the intention of making her hory.

We sat on the bed, I touched her neck and shoulders, breathed on her neck, doing small talk to distracted her from the escalation, and then the make-or-break moment came when I asked her what kind of perfume she was using and started to smell her neck and cheeks, touching them with my mouth. I wasn’t entirelly sure if it was on, but my calibration told me that I should go for it. She turned her head slightly and we kissed.

From that point on, it was just overcoming LMR, so standard procedure. A lot of going back-and-forth, watching Youtube videos, cuddling, escalating, backing off and so forth. It went on for probably an hour, until I went for a big escalation pull again, discovered that she was very sensitive to having her ears licked, started to finger her and then finally banged her. If there is something I was good at since the very beginning of getting into this Game thing, it is overcoming LMR. 

In the post-sex talk, she told me that she’s never slept with a guy who wasn’t a boyfriend, and that normally she lets them wait for at least a month. For me it was 2 days.

I probably wouldn’t have tried to seduce her if we were living together for a longer period, like half a year, but since I’m leaving Budapest in around a month, I couldn’t resist going for it.

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