I bang my first 20-ish Hungarian pole-dancer

Lays: 4

Approaches: 259 out of 700

This one was so straightforward that I thought about not writing a lay report at all. But anyway, this is how it went down:

It’s Friday early evening and I’m out daygaming in the city centre of Budapest. I had already done 9 sets in the session and collected a couple of numbers, so I decide to finish it with one more set. I see a pretty blond girl walking on the opposite side of the street, so I follow until I catch up with her and open with a classic Yad-stop. I exude a calm, collected and commanding vibe and she stops easily. I put on a strong “eye mesmer” (looking at her like a hungry wolf) from the very beginning and I can feel the sexual polarity. She speaks zero English, so I use google translate to tell her she looks like a cute hamster. After some back-and-forth I try for the i-date, since it seemed very on, but she types that she’s in a hurry, so we exchange numbers and decide to meet again.

Texting is easy, she responds quickly and enthusiastically, so I invite her for drinks in the evening. I decided to go with Torero’s 2-venue dating model again, so I check out logistics beforehand, and find 2 cheap bars in close walking distance to my place. We meet up on Wednesday at 8pm in the bar area near my place and I walk her to the first venue. From there on, I bascially just follow the dating model. I do some comfort chit-chat in the first 10 minutes of V1, tell her something about me, find out about her family, her love for pole-dancing and that she works as a baby-sitter. I spike and verbally escalate a bit, and then after 30 minutes lead her to V2.

I do the physical escalation in V2 (as described in Tom’s Daygame 3.0 seminar), by comparing handsizes, comparing tan and checking out for tattoos. In the seminar, Tom talks about using physical escalation as a way to find out where you stand with a girl, and it’s definitely true. As soon as I was touching her shoulders, thigh and stomach during the escalation without any resistance from her, I just knew that I would lay her. After around 30 minutes in V2, I lead her out of the venue to my place, having already seeded the bounce by telling her I would teach her some guitar. I didn’t even try to kiss her. That’s also a point Tom mentions in his seminar. The end goal is getting her home and banging the girl, not making-out with her in the bar. I see it this way now: if I think the lay is on and that I can bounce her, I would physically escalate but not necessarily go for the kiss. On the other hand, if I think she needs more dates, I would still escalate a bit and go for the kiss, just to make my intentions known.

We walk 5 mins to my place, go to my room and in the beginning just chill on the bed and watch some music videos. Then we start to watch a film (Planet Earth 2, my go-to movie for girls who don’t speak English), I put my arm around her, put her legs in between my legs, kiss her and then I escalate until the bang. No LMR.

Learning points:

  • the power of non-verbals (like the “eye mesmer”) can’t be underestimated
  • if there is compliance, you don’t need any game. Just lead and escalate
  • girls who don’t speak English seem to be easier to seduce (on a date)

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