1st week recap

Approaches: 251 out of 700

Lays: 3

Sets Number Flake Date Lays
24 5 1 0 0

These are my stats after my first week of getting back into daygame. I didn’t do the 50 sets that I initially wanted to do, but I’m still quite happy with the results. For the first 10 sets or so I had to overcome the weasels and was quite nervous in set, but then I more and more calmed down and the quality of the sets got a lot better.

All except one number responded to the feeler text and we are now texting, so I have 4 new leads. I set up a date with one of the girls for Tuesday next week, and it seems to be quite on. After a period of “daygame doubt” this year, I’m feeling more optimistic now about the whole thing and I’m actually looking forward to the daygame next week.

Things I want to work on for next week:

  • my speaking voice: it’s been one of my weak points for a long time. When I’m in set, I need to consciously remind myself to speak calmly (with a low voice), expressively, assertively and to own my words. Speaking calmly also leads to more time to think what I’m going to say next, instead of just saying some nonsense
  • attraction material: this is a broad area that I could improve which I will cover in a future post

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