Daygame Basics: Pre-Approach Mentality

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Lays: 3

Before even beginning to talk to girls, it’s important to think about the overall mentality while doing daygame. These are the most important points:

  • flipping stones: no matter who you are and what you do in set, the reality is that most girls won’t fancy you. This means that when you do daygame, it’s crucial to detach yourself from the outcome of any particular interaction. If 80% of girls don’t particularly like you, then the most logical course of action is to regard daygame as a filtering process, through which you find the girls that you do get along with. So if a set doesn’t go well, don’t get reactive, don’t start doubting yourself, just move on to the next girl.
  • overcoming AA by understanding risk vs reward: this is an idea I read at another daygame blog and has stuck with me ever since. When it comes to “risky” situations, we tend to think emotionally and not assess the situation in a logical way. We greatly overestimate the risk and are not consciously thinking about the possible rewards. The next time you see a hot girl walking down the street, try to think about the situation in a logical way. What do you really risk when you talk to her? Nothing. What could happen if you talk to her? You could have a nice conversation, you (could) improve you daygame skills, you could get her number, you could go on a date with her, sleep with her, date her regularly, go on vacation with her… So if you see a girl you fancy, don’t let her walk away, think logically and understand that there is no risk involved whatsoever in talking to her, so see if she’s interesting and if you get along with her.

And the last point that is crucial at the beginning of a daygame session:

  • First one is the worst one: don’t prolong the first sets of a session. Jump into the set as quickly as possible, don’t let any doubt creep in. Just tell yourself that it doesn’t matter at all how the first sets go, as long as you opened

4 thoughts on “Daygame Basics: Pre-Approach Mentality

  1. Good info here, found you while researching daygame in Bangkok. I’m headed to asia for 6 months, where are you now? I wonder if you can connect me with a fellow daygamer? I’m in Colombia now and I find having buddies with a similar mindset is powerful even if for motivation alone.


    1. Glad that you found the advice helpful. I have never really done winged daygame, so I don’t know a lot of other daygamers. I’m in Munich for the rest of the year for now, after that I’m not sure. Good luck on your travels!


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