Getting back into Daygame

Approaches: 227 out of 700

Lays: 3

I haven’t done proper daygame in 2-3 months now. In Zagreb, the pattern would always be the same: I would go out daygame, sometimes get a girl’s number, get her out on a date, and after the date never hear from her again. 

I think the problem might have been that I was too goal-oriented, too focused on the lay and not amusing myself enough (aka being outcome independent). Or perhaps I just don’t get along with Croatian girls that much.

It doesn’t matter. Dwelling on the past is for losers. I’m in Budapest now, a city I like much better than Zagreb. I’m basically chilling out here until the end of September, so I will have plenty of time to give daygame another shot. 

My goal is to do 10 sets on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and 20 sets on Saturday. So 50 a week. I’m going to do a statistical recap after every week and try to analyse where my weaknesses are. My goal with this is to first and foremost improve my daygame skillset.

Because I didn’t do daygame in a long time, I need to remind myself of the basics again. Those will be covered in the upcoming posts.

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