Don’t Stop Thinking About The Next Girl

Approaches: 175 out of 700

Lays: 2

Inspired by this post from CH.

I’ve been on dates with 7 different girls (5 Croatian, 1 Spanish, 1 Chinese) since coming to Zagreb and all of them led nowhere. Bad luck for sure. If I learned anything from this episode than it’s this: don’t EVER EVER EVER stop going out getting new leads.

A critical error I made was getting lazy and thinking that there’s no need to collect new leads because it looked very solid with 2 of the girls. Part of me was giving in to my inner beta that was fantasizing about how a relationship would be like with those girls, but more importantly, I think that neglecting to go out when I have prospects is a form of weaseling I do to try to avoid the rigours of the game.

A good date means nothing. Girls truly don’t give a fuck about you until your P is in her V.

So what am I going to do now?

I have two options. The first one is to wallow in beta self-pity, drink myself into oblivion and “pass out in the foetal position on the floor of my bathroom barely summoning the strength to flick my tongue out to catch my salty tears for nourishment” (as CH would say it), or I go out, use my willingness to not accept failure as the final outcome as fuel and approach the game even harder than before.

I think it’s obvious what I will do.

And I promise myself one thing from now on: to NEVER EVER again put myself into a position where I only have one prospective girl and thereby giving her power over me, but to ALWAYS collect leads, regardless of how solid it looks with a girl.

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