10:10 Challenge: Day 2

Approaches: 147 out of 700

Lays: 2

Fuck me the grind was tough today. I couldn’t find my vibe the whole day. I completed my 10 sets after 4 hours, and I’m quite proud of myself that I pushed through the weasels that told me to go home during the session. I was determined to not fail the challenge on the 2nd day already.

On a more positive note, I did get 2 numbers today. One was from the first set, which somehow seems to always go great for me. The 2nd number was near the end of the session, when I was really struggling. And I talked to one girl that was waiting for the tram and one girl that was sitting down, both situations that I don’t really do that much, so I also went outside my comfort zone in that regard.

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