10:10 Challenge: Day 1

Approaches: 137 out of 700

Lays: 2

I decided to go for this year’s 10:10 challenge to really get in a lot of approaches and solidify my daygame skill set. I’ve never done this many approaches in such a small time span, so let’s see how it goes.

So I’ve done my 10 approaches for today. The session started great when I managed to easily hook the first set, a cute girl ambling down the street. I accused her of being dreamy, daydreaming about cakes and unicorns and having an imaginary rainbow above her head. I got her to invest a lot and grounded the set by telling her something about me. When I went for the number close, she insisted that she wanted to exchange facebook instead, so we did that. I continued to daygame for the next 2 hours, managed to do all in all 7 approaches during that time, but unfortunately I couldn’t get a solid hook-point after that first set. My vibe was great (it didn’t feel like a grind at all), a lot of them smiled, but they either gave me the boyfriend excuse early on or they were in a hurry and excused themselves. I would say it just came down to bad luck.

I did the last 3 approaches in the evening, but they didn’t go anywhere as well.

For tomorrow, I want to focus on really getting the 10 sets done in around 2 hours, so that my vibe stays good for the whole session. I think everyone has a day where the daygame isn’t going well, so I’ll just forget today’s session and see  what happens tomorrow.

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