Street Hustle: 3-second Rule

Approaches: 123 out of 700

Lays: 2

One of the most basic rules for cold approaching is the 3-second rule. The longer you wait, the more you overthink the approach, which causes it to get harder to do. So the key to a successful daygame session is to just jump into the first set as quickly as possible, and just accept whatever comes out of it (I usually do 2-3 warm-up sets in which I don’t care about the results). After that, when you see a girl you like, it’s crucial to not think too much about it, but to just approach her within 3 seconds. Often times, the fear before an approach turns out to be completely irrational.

Street Hustle: 3-second Rule

Today’s session didn’t go too well. My vibe wasn’t that great because I didn’t sleep so well, so I went out without much motivation for daygame at all. I did approach twice and got a phone number from a hot girl though. She said she had a boyfriend, which I took as a shit-test, and I replied “Aww, well I have a dog” and then proceeded with the number close. Next time I get the boyfriend-shit-test, I want to just disregard it by saying something like “Oh that’s cool, I don’t want to be your boyfriend”. We are texting, let’s see how it goes.

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