Street Hustle: Tiger Eyes

Approaches: 118 out of 700

Lays: 2

I’m still not going out consistently enough, so to motivate myself and make my daygame more habitual, and to give myself a purpose for going out, I will work/concentrate on one of the things Tom describes in his Street Hustle videos every time I do a session. Afterwards, I will write about my experiences in the same blog post.

Today’s topic are the “Tiger Eyes”. Human communication occures mostly on the subconscious, non-verbal level. The way we say something, what we communicate through our body languages, facial expressions, voice and especially eyes is more important than the actual words we choose. 

The purpose of the “Tiger Eyes” during the daygame set is to immediately create sexual tension in the set, and to let the girl non-verbally know that you find her sexually attractive (showing intent). Besides that, good practice for creating sexual tension is to visualize how you’ll fuck the girl before opening her.

Street Hustle: Tiger Eyes

So I managed to do 5 approaches today. The daygame session began good when I approached a girl in a drug store and she was quite receptive from the beginning. I stacked with telling her that she looked Italian (she was actually from Bosnia), and I easily reached hook-point. I grounded the set with telling her a bit about me, but I also made sure that she invested enough into the conversation, and I also got to qualify her on being a above average “good” student. She said she had to go to catch a bus, but she asked me for my facebook, which we then exchanged, and I told her that I want to meet her again for coffee.

Then I got 2 consecutive facebook adds from 2 girls on the street (one through a front stop, one was just walking towards me and I stopped her by walking infront of her). 

After this good start, I made the mistake to meet a friend for coffee, which in hindsight I shouldn’t have done because it interrupted the session. So from now on, when I’m out daygaming, I will finish the session completely before doing anything else.

I did 2 approaches after meeting my friend, one of them a Japanese ballet dancer in a store that I added on facebook (she’s not so much my type though).

So all in all, a good session. I discovered that I can use the word “Jebise” (which means “fuck you” in Croatian) as a spike, when we talk about Croatian words I know. Regarding the “Tiger Eyes”, I think I can pull them off quite well, but I just need to remind myself of using them in- set for the future.

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