Approaches: 92 out of 700

Lays: 2

It’s been 2 weeks since I arrived in Zagreb and I managed to do a grand total of 4 approaches during that time. I am weaseling way too much. The problem is that I’m avoiding to approach because I fear the real world feedback that girls will give me.

This has to stop now.

If I want to get better with girls, than I have to put in the work. There is no shortcut. I have to stop moaning around, stop being a pussy about it and start doing the sets. My success with girls is all on me, I have to go out and make things happen, because nobody else will.

To hold myself accountable, I will go out daygaming after publishing this post and I’m going to write down the 8 sets I will do today (to reach 100 total sets) in detail on this post.

(1) Front-stopped a girl, that walked past me. I focused on my vibe and voice, but she didn’t speak English, looked a bit too young and I could see that she wouldn’t hook, so I let her go

(2) Approched a girl in a drug store, that was looking at some products. The stacking/attraction part was quite good, but she simply didn’t hook

(3) Another front-stop, a girl looking at her phone while walking. She stops for a short time, but when I stack with how I love how she can walk and play Pokemon Go at the same time, she tells me that she texts with her boyfriend and goes

(4) Approached a girl in a shop. The attraction part was pretty good, I stacked with comparig her to a Spanish girl because of her long hair, big eyes, and then told her that I just arrived in Zagreb and my mum warned me about Croatian girls, because “she told me Croatian girls are cute, but also a bit crazy”. She was definitely attracted, laughing a lot and swaying with her body, but still I didn’t seem to get to hook-point and also no investment from her part. She also said “You are crazy!” at one point, which I should have used to agree&amplify in hindsight

(5) Girl walking out of a store. Tapped her on the shoulder, but didn’t stack properly. Didnt fancy her much anyway, so ejected

(6) Front-stopped a girl. Got to the hook-point, vibed a bit with her, but she refused the number close

(7) Approached a girl standing at a tram stop. She smiled before I even opened my mouth, so I guess I sub-communicated my intention pretty well. I ran my usual attraction material, and when we got into vibing, her tram was coming, so I got on the tram with her for one stop to do a bit of rapport, letting her invest. In hindsight, the set could have been way more solid if I had more time and if I could have gotten her to invest more, but the situation didn’t allow it.

(8) Approached a girl looking at some tea in a shop, had a 5 minutes conversation with her, but never really got a solid hook-point, and she gave me the boyfriend objection at the number close.

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