My plans for Zagreb

Approaches: 88 out of 700

Lays: 2

Just arrived in Zagreb after travelling in Vietnam for a while and a couple of days back home.

Here’s my plans for my time in Zagreb:

  • build a social circle: in Japan I realized that chasing and banging girls is not everything (and can get repetitive), and that I was lacking a decent social life. So while I’m here in Zagreb, I want to built a social circle and be friends with guys and girls by joining clubs and societies at my university and by having other things/hobbies going on besides daygame. Sure, if I get to know girls that way it’s great, but that’s not the goal. What I am definitely going to watch out for though is whiny guys with a beta/loser mentality, that try to mess with my frame. I don’t want to have anything to do with them, and they are going to be cut out immediately
  • continue to improve my daygame skills: that’s a clear goal. If I want to continue to get better with my daygame, than I have to approach more. If I want to approach a girl on my university campus, than I will do indirect-direct (under the radar) daygame, by testing if there’s a spark/a bit of attraction by making a situational commemt on her. No need for direct daygame in this environment.
  • don’t tell anybody about game: this is a rookie mistake I did in the past and which I don’t want to repeat anymore. Blue pill chodes just can’t be helped. Instead of wasting my time with them, I will keep game a secret and focus on improving my own life with it

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