Looking back on my time in Japan

Approaches: 88 out of 700

Lays: 2

My Japanese adventure is over and it’s time to look back. All in all, I would say it’s not easy to get laid in Japan. The value has to be there and a substantial amount of effort has to be put forth in order to bang the girls. But it’s do-able with enough persistence. 

Although I was really struggling at times, looking back it was a good experience and it definitely made me a better daygamer and a more confident man in the process.

Daygame abilities I gained during my time in Japan:

  • stronger emotional control: I have come to learn to accept rejections and flakes as part of the process, to not take instant blow-outs (there were a lot of them) personally and more importantly, not get reactive when playing the Game. The moment you get reactive and angry with some girl is the moment you lose out on opportunities with other girls that would be receptive to you. Better to just accept a rejection/flake and quickly move on to meeting girls that are interested in you.
  • more approaches during one session: I finally cracked the threshold where I’m able to do a lot more sets during a session. Normally I start off with 2-3 warm-up approaches, where I’m just looking to get over the initial lethargy/AA hump, and then proceed to do some real sets where my goal is to close. It’s still hard to do 10 approaches per session, but I can definitely see myself getting it done with enough momentum. Also, talking to more girls means generating more leads, which is vital to counteract neediness and flakes (especially the flake rate in Japan). You really can never have enough leads/girls on rotation.
  • better vibe: my vibe during daygame has also become a lot better, since I’m just generally more chilled about it and more sure of myself. If I see a girl I like, I talk to her and if she rejects me, I just move on because I know that I will eventually find one that I will click with. No need to get reactive.
  • better understanding of the daygame model: I am at the stage where I’m aware of how the daygame model works in practice and even when I fuck up a set, I know where it went wrong

Another thing that I want to keep in mind for my time in Zagreb this year is to balance daygame with a normal social life, just by doing anything that doesn’t involve picking up girls. 24 days of doing nothing but daygame this January was just too much, I was struggling to keep up my vibe and it wasn’t much fun anymore in the end. Better to have 3 days scheduled for daygame a week, and doing something else the rest of the time.

I am probably going back to Japan in the future, when I’ve really mastered the daygame skill set (especially the non-verbal stuff). Personally, I just find Japanese girls to be the hottest of them all.

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