I bang my first 20 year old Japanese wedding dress shop assistant

Approaches: 76 out of 700

Lays: 2

Holy shit, I’m off to a really good start this year. I can only shake my head when I think back at the first 5 weeks in Japan when getting a date seemed difficult and I  seriously thought I wouldn’t bang a single J-girl before going home. How it all turned around*!

It begins with the same daygame session where I approached the piano teacher. According to my approach log, I had already done 5 approaches previously and I remember that my vibe/enthusiasm was flagging a bit. Nevertheless, I decide to push through the fatigue and get more sets done. I walk through a department store when I spot a cute girl looking at some ear rings in a shop.

Literally where I picked her up

I open from the side (14th approach of 2017) and tell her that she looks cute. She smiles but of course she speaks zero English so I just keep on talking. She is generally quite low-energy, smiling just a bit and laughing occasionally, and I don’t feel like I ever really got the hook-point. Nonetheless, I go into rapport by telling her something about myself and getting to know her using google translate. Not a lot of investment from her side overall. We exchange LINE and as I walk away from the set, I think “aaaand… flake”.

I send her a feeler text and surprisingly, she replies. Her profile picture is a famous Japanese manga character so I send her all kinds of funny parody pictures of the characters in this manga, just to amuse myself, still thinking she will flake eventually. In true J-girls’ way of texting, she always takes 1 day to reply, so after 1 week of back-and-forth, I send the date request, telling her I want to meet her for a cup of tea.

She puts up some obstacles, like telling me “But I can’t speak English 😨” and “But a little scary 😅 (to go on a date with me)” to which I reply “I already learned Japanese… 日本語完璧(my Japanese is perfect) ;)” and “Don’t worry, my mum says I’m a good boy 😇”. After some more back-and-forth, that takes another week, she texts “If it is okay even at night, lets meet 🤔”. It’s at this point that I think I might actually fuck her. I suggest two days and she replies:”Either if after work 👍🏻 Or today night”. Ok, I think I’m really going to fuck her.

I set-up the date for the same day. I re-watch Tom Torero’s date model video again and decide to go with the 2-venue date structure just like with the piano teacher the week before. As I walk to the meeting point, my frame is that she came out to fuck and it’s mine to lose. I suspect that she’s in the ovulating phase of her monthly cycle where she is looking for “alpha fucks” (because of her suggesting to meet the same day). I meet her at 8pm and we walk to the French cafe. She’s wearing high heels (good sign), but seems a bit shy, so I just keep up a good vibe. We sit next to eachother in the cafe and do a bit of comfort “getting to know eachother” chit-chat using google translate. Having talked to lots of girls since approaching her 2 weeks ago, I mistake her for a different girl and ask her what she studies at univerisity again. She tells me she doesn’t study but works in a wedding dress store (which I then remember we talked about when we first met). The same happens when I ask her if she has ever been abroad (she already told me that she went to Australia once for 2 weeks with her school class). I think this was an “accidental alpha” moment – I genuinely confused her with some other girl and thereby covertly subcommunicated pre-selection. The conversation was getting a bit bland so I spike it up by accusing her of having had a fling with an Australian guy during her class trip. At the end of V1, I show her pictures of me with friends at the Oktoberfest for some social proof and to ground myself as a normal guy.

I tell her that we are going to try German beer now and lead her out of cafe to the second venue, the British pub. In the pub, I sit next to her and we talk about her hopes and dreams (where she wants to live in the future, what would be her dream life etc.). She then starts to shit-test me, but fortunately I am a dedicated scholar and practitioner of the pick-up arts, so I know exactly how to pass her tests. Her shit-tests and my answers:

  • “Do you talk to a lot of girls?” -> “Yes, you were the 135th girl I talked to that day.”
  • “Why did you approach me?” -> “Because you looked funny.”
  • “Do you have other girls right now?” -> “Oh yes, I have a harem full of girls.”

Shit-tests are actually a good thing if you are able to identify and pass them. It shows the girl you have a strong frame and that you really are as high value as you say you are. She wasn’t that happy with my last answer, so I tell her “Look, I am joking of course. But don’t be so serious all the time, you are just like a typical German. Life is short, so I just enjoy my life and I like people who also have fun and enjoy their life. So let’s not be so serious, ok?”, to which I start shaking her shoulders in a playful way. Instead of defending myself against her accusations, I reframe the situation as her being too bland and serious . She laughes and that’s the end of her testing. I then compare her hand size to mine, do a little bit of deep eye-contact to up the sexual tension. I show her photos and videos of me in Thailand with other travellers (as social proof and DHV) and seed the bounce by telling her that I want to show her some more photos and videos on my iPad later. 5 mins later, I say let’s go and lead her out of the pub.

We walk to my apartment, which is 5 min away, and I know that I’m pretty close to fucking her. We go into my room and sit next to my bed, looking at some photos while listening to indie-rock. It is pretty warm in the room (since I left the heater on before leaving for the date), but she still doesn’t take her coat off. I try to kiss her at one point and she laughes and moves her face away. A bit of back-and-forth ensues and she always deftly avoids the kiss. I sense that I’m not getting very far like this, so I resort to Plan B.

field-tested LMR buster

I tell her let’s watch a nature documentary on my iPad and motion her to sit next to me on the bed. We watch a bit and then we move to the end of the bed, our backs against the wall. From here on it’s baby steps. I let her hold the iPad and put my arm around her. I gradually grab her shoulders and hips with a firmer grip. I put her legs in between my thighs. I feel up her ass. I kiss her cheeks. I then take her face and kiss her, with her still resisting a bit. We watch a bit more, I compare her to a sloth, and it’s time for the big escalation pull.

I take the iPad out of her hands, put it on the floor and get her to lie on the bed. I start to make her as horny as possible by biting her neck and ears, grinding my leg in between her thighs, grabbing her shoulders and hips, touching her breasts and so on. I move my hand into her jeans from behind and reach her pussy with my fingers. I start to finger her while kissing and biting her neck, and she is getting hot and horny but doesn’t quite let herself go. I feel like I’m pulling too hard, so to fractionate the whole thing, I suddenly completely back off and do a freeze-out by sitting her back up and continuing the documentary. For 5 minutes we watch marine iguana hatchlings trying to escape predatory snakes. I can sense that she is feeling horny, so I put the iPad away and continue the escalation. I manage to pull of her pants and panties, finger her from the front and I give her a G-spot massage. I pull of my pants as well, let her touch my cock a bit, put on a condom and go inside of her. +1.

After I’m done, I feel a pang of conscience. Did I maybe go too fast with her? Looking back at it now on the next day, it’s all okay. There were plenty of opportunities for her to get away if she really didn’t want to fuck. She never truly pushed me away or gave me a hard “no”. When I did the freeze-out, she could have gotten up and gone home if she wanted to. She had plenty of time to get off the bed while I was busy putting on the condom. But she decided to stay and wait. LMR and token resistance are just a normal part of a woman’s mating strategy, a last line of defense to stop her from getting impregnated by weak beta male seed and to ensure that she only mates with alpha males.

So I pour in a lot of comfort, stroking her hair and touching her back while she lies in my arm. The rest of the night involves lots of cuddling, long silent stares into eachother’s eyes and two more times of fucking. She stays the night, we fuck and cuddle again in the morning and I bring her to the main street where she gets a taxi.

kind of like this

Total face time from approach to lay: less than 2 hours. I can imagine the typical Japanese chode (almost all Japanese guys) getting fooled by her demure and shy appearance and assuming that he needs to show her a fine time on his dime before she starts to get sexually receptive to his advances. Wrong, good girls do. I remember an all-in-all well-rounded, sociable Japanese guy from my internship telling me that he went out with a girl from his uni on 6 dates and never even held her hands at that point. But he assured me that all would be well because he would take together all his courage on the next date and ask her to be his girlfriend. Unsurprisingly, she had friendzoned him and nothing came out of it. Thank god I’m red pill aware and know about Game. This lay made me realize again that the correct and paradoxically easier way of making a girl your girlfriend is to go in as the lover first, fuck her a few times and then gradually show more and more signs of commitment.

Learning points:

  • almost everybody is a chode: in the past, I’ve been dumb enough to consider pick-up advice from guys on pick-up forums or to ask local guys what their thoughts were on dating. The truth is that 90% of guys on forums (and many in real life) are clueless chodes that don’t know anything about girls. The same goes for every blue pill guy out there (98% of the male population). They all think they have some form of game and that they know something about girls, when in fact they are just delusional. And the advice women give is outright hilarious. The only two sources of dating/ game advice I trust from now on are Krauser and Torero. The two have actually been out in the field for years, tested what works and what doesn’t, and their material is based on reality, not wishful thinking. This lay only happened because I did what Tom suggested in his Japanese daygame podcast
  • approach more, bang more girls: as Tom says “approach more and the laws of the universe will give you more pussy”. I really didn’t think I would see this girl again after getting her contact details. This lay reminded me that a lot of getting girls comes down to just approaching a lot
  • grind away to the glory: just like with the last lay, I have further internalized the concept that failure, flakes, fatigue and hardships precede every successful lay. The feeling of accomplishment after overcoming so many failures and rejections to get to the glory is just uncomparable. Looking back, it was all worth it

*thanks to Tom Torero’s Japanese daygame podcast

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