I bang my first 25 year old Japanese piano teacher

Approaches: 53 out of 700

Lays: 1

Yes, 2017 starts with a bang! After so many sets to no-where, so many flakes and blow-outs… it’s a really refreshing feeling when everything works out so smoothly.

It begins like any other daygame session. Since the weather has gotten quite cold even in this part of Japan, I’ve resorted to doing daygame mostly indoors these days. Going into shops to approach yields the additional benefits that I don’t have to stop the physical momentum of girls and I distinguish myself from the other Japanese guys that only approach girls on the street. And frankly, I’ve come to enjoy the high pressure thrill of talking to girls in crowded shops where everyone can listen in.

As I walk around the department store, I spot a cute girl wearing a skirt looking at some make-up products. A classic Japanese hamster. I walk over and open her (my 10th approach of 2017). She’s already smiling and it’s a easy set. I tease her by calling her a hamster with big eyes and big cheeks and stack with the assumption that she looks like a kindergarten teacher. The hook is good so I dial it down into rapport. She tells me that she’s a piano teacher and since I also played piano for many years, we have a strong commonality. I ask her about her favourite composers, favourite songs etc. and get her to invest. On my part, after some consideration if it might come across as qualifying myself to her, I show her a video of me playing a difficult piano piece. I just figure the underlying vibe makes it clear that I’m not qualifying and that it’s a DHV. I do a bit of kino, comparing her hand size to mine, doing the holding-hands-after-handshake-move and generally we vibe really well. I take her LINE and suggest meeting again sometime. 

how I imagine her during piano class (not really how she looked like)

I don’t expect much from any set in Japan anymore, since I had a lot of good sets where I never heard from the girl again, but when this girl texted me first saying:”Thank you a while ago!”, I suspect that she is a Yes-girl. We ping a bit over text and I send her the date request rather quickly. She agrees and we set up a date exactly a week later after we met. No obstacles, quick replies and an enthusiastic vibe… more indicators of a Yes-girl.

I plan out the date and the logistics meticulously. I re-watch Tom’s date model and decide to go for a two venue date structure with the bounce home at the end. Sorting logistics out and putting in thoughts on what to do in each venue is key, nothing should be left to chance. For example, I chose venues in short walking distance to eachother, with no interaction with waitresses (so that she doesn’t have to talk Japanese to them, which would threaten the r-selected vibe), I planned out how to seed the bounce home in V2 and so on. 

I meet her in front of a McDonalds at 8pm a week later, and she’s all smiley and keen from the beginning. A quick bounce to V1, a light, open French cafe and I tell her to find a table, while I get the drinks. We just do light chit-chat, talk about her piano teachings, what I do at university and so on. After 20 minutes, I tell her we’ll go to the next place and I lead her out and bounce her to V2, a British pub about 5-10 minutes away by walking.

a great second venue

I tell her to find a table again while I get the drinks. In the pub, I try to amp up the sexual vibe a bit, by looking into her eyes for longer, touching her hands and inspecting her ear ring. I show her some photos of me travelling in Thailand and tell her that I’ll fly to Vietnam soon, to further present myself as the r-selected adventure sex guy. I also start the questions game, but she doesn’t really go along with it. When I ask her “Why are you single? You’re cute, fun, maybe a bit quirky, but I like you. So why are you single? Do you murder all your boyfriends?”, a question designed to get her to qualify herself, she replies:”I have a boyfriend”, to which she quickly adds that they are in a long-distance relationship since he lives near Tokyo. 

This doesn’t faze me at all. I know that if I sent the correct signals, than this shouldn’t be the problem. So I just stay unreactive, move the conversation onto different topics and seed the bounce by telling her that I have some more photos and videos of my travels on my iPad, and I want to show her later. She agrees and 5 minutes later, I tell her we’ll go to my place.

I bounce her to my apartment that is 3 minutes by foot (great logisitics), put on some indie-rock on my iPad there while we sit and look at some photos on my bed. We then watch a nature documentary on my iPad lying next to eachother, then spoon with me grabbing her hips and shoulder until she actually initiates the kiss. Very easy escalation, no token resistance, no LMR. We fuck like rabbits, and I finally hear the weird Japanese porn moans that I had been anticipating since coming here. She’s quite noisy and physical, which I like, and I give her the rough sex and dominance that she craved.

Artist’s impression of last night’s events

The whole date was basically good logistics and leading. I got full compliance all the way. This was my 3rd daygame lay and the first fully r-selected one. She wanted hard casual sex, I wanted it, so we had a discreet fling. Win-win.

Learning points:

  • logistics is key: logistics is the only thing within the pick-up that is entirely in control of the player. It should be thought out perfectly
  • getting laid is a grind: getting laid from cold-approach is hard. I’ve come to learn to enjoy the process, enjoy the nice interactions for what they are and to accept the blow-outs, rejections and flakes as part of the game. Of course you have to keep your eyes on the prize, but when everything falls apart at any point, I just accept it now and keep on playing. It’s called game for a reason. Also, daygame is one part a numbers game and one part skill. You have to sift through all the No-girls until you find the Maybe- and Yes-girls that you can game. The no’s are an inherent part of this game

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