How I intend to spend my last 2 weeks in Japan

Approaches: 35 out of 700

Lays: 0

My time in Japan is nearing it’s end. I only got about 2 weeks left and my plan is to grind it out by doing daygame, getting at least 10 approaches done every day, and going to the gym. Every time I go out for a session these days my forebrain tries to hold me back, but I push through, get the first set done quickly and afterwards it gets easier and easier. 

Doing daygame feels a bit like going to the gym. In the beginning, I have little motivation and have to push myself to get started. But when I get a little momentum going, than it starts to get enjoyable and afterwards I feel great. 

Me drumming up new leads, yesterday

A new thing I started doing for a few days is to write something positive down after every session, for example:”You did a high pressure shop set and it went well” or “You had a really long set with a cute girl who fancied you”. This is a tip Tom Torero gave in one of his podcasts and it really works. All I remember from the past days’ session are these positive reference experiences I specifically wrote down, and the bad stuff is completely forgotten. 

What I want to try out in the next days is some gutter game. I never really tried it out here before, and I need to step further outside my comfort zone to do it, so it will be an interesting challenge.

I have 2 dates scheduled in the next 2 weeks, with the first one having a perceived 50%-chance of a lay and the other one a 70%-chance, and also a couple of other leads, so my abundance mentality is quite good and I feel like I might get another bang before I leave Japan.

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