My 2016 Game stats

2016 draws to a close and it’s time for some statistics and recaps. I got laid with more new girls than in any other year before, and all of my lays happened between September-November. From January-September my vibe was so bad due to taking certain medication, that I just managed to approach 65 girls during that period and ended up with 2 dates-to-nowhere. So I’m quite happy that I managed to turn it around at the end.

Statistically speaking, my daygame got worse than in my first year, but at the same time I don’t think I’ve regressed in my abilities. First of all the daygame stats:

  • Opens: 200 (65 in Germany, 135 in Japan)
  • Numbers: I didn’t keep track, since getting a number/LINE-add in Japan is easy but doesn’t mean anything
  • Dates: 6
  • iDates: 5
  • Lays: 0

So no lays from daygame this year. Part of the reason is that the approaches I did back in Germany were pretty much forgettable, and half of those I did in Japan were indirect, hiding-my-dick-style approaches (thinking Japanese girls were different) that also got me nowhere. It wasn’t until I listened to Tom’s podcast about Japanese daygame that I switched back to direct daygame, which improved my results. Although I didn’t get laid, I had some big realizations and reference experiences:

  • biology is biology: when I came to Japan I had the wrong belief that I somehow had to change my approach because Japanese girls are different to Western girls. I now know that there is no difference. The mating dance is hard-wired into our DNA and nothing will ever change it. In it’s most basic form, the Attraction-Comfort-Seduction model (as first described in Mystery Method) will always hold true, and wrong-sequencing the model will eventually lead to losing the girl (I had to experience that the hard way). I will never forget the basic model from now on, it’s drilled in my head
  • the importance of vibe: approaching Japanese girls made me realise how essential good vibe is to successfully open and hook girls. Good vibe aka enthusiam/positivity is so important for daygame sets, it’s like the driving force/engine behind it that keeps it going. Simply going in with a smirk/smile and sparkly eyes does wonders for daygame sets
  • almost SDL: my biggest reference experience for daygame this year was an almost SDL of a Japanese girl that I approached in a shopping mall, went to a coffee shop i-date with and than bounced home after only 30 minutes of meeting eachother. I kissed her in my apartment and got her on my bed, but never laid her. Nevertheless, it was my biggest reference experience in game since my first daygame lay. You really have to do it in order to believe something like that is possible. It made me realise that the streets are full of opportunities, you just have to act on them. You never know what will happen if you do this one approach. (I am also quite calm on idates now after going on a couple)

The 6 new girls I did lay this year were from following categories:

  • nightgame/SNL: 4
  • social circle: 2 (1 from muay thai class, 1 introduced to by a friend and later matched on Tinder)
  • (repeats from previous years: 3)


  • Thai: 3 (new flag)
  • Japan: 2 (new flag)
  • USA: 1 (new flag)

Although I didn’t get laid from daygame, the last part of the year was still fun. The highlight would be getting sucked off by and fucking a 18-year old J-girl in schoolgirl uniform on Christmas Eve, which was quite nice. All in all last year definitely further solidified my self-image of a guy who is able to get laid.

What do I want to focus on in 2017?

  1. technical game: I lost my way for a while in 2016 when it comes to which game theory to follow. I started to read and watch natural game material (like “Models” or “Blueprint Decoded”). What I’ve come to realise: it’s all bullshit. Of course you have make yourself the best man you can be in all areas of your life, but understanding and working on technical game is far more effective for getting pussy, and that is what it’s all about after all. So I’ll go back to the basics. Mystery’s M3 Model (Attraction-Comfort-Seduction) as the overarching theme of all of my pickup attempts, and the London Daygame Model (Open-Stack-Vibe-Invest-Close, bascially M3 modified for the street) as my go-to model for daygame. The great thing about focusing on technical game and having a model is that I can pinpoint exactly where my weaknesses are. Girls don’t hook? I need to work on the stacking/attracting phase. Conversation fizzles out after hook-point? I need to work on the vibing phase/ my conversational skills to make the interaction more engaging/interesting. Numbers flake? I need to work on the investment-phase using various outergame techniques like parroting or the vacuum and ground myself better. And so on. The single biggest theory resource I will rely on in 2017 are Tom Torero’s videos and podcasts. The material on his channel is simply amazing and most importantly: real-world applicable. Not some wishy-washy natural game stuff but things you can actually practice in front of a girl. I will try to incorporate every bit of advice he gives on his channel into my daygame in 2017
  2. open more sets: practice, practice, practice, practice, practice. Open, open, open, open and… open. I need to open way more sets. Reading theory isn’t going to cut it. It’s all about being actually able to do all this theory stuff in real-life. I need to push myself more, push myself through the fears, the doubts, the weasels. What I want to do specifically:
  • make it a habit when I’m in a place for a longer period of time (e.g. Zagreb this year): instead of relying on motivation to push myself, I want to make going out daygaming a habit that I follow through on every week. Just like going to the gym. No excuses, and just grinding it out if I don’t have the motivation
  • make more approaches per session: right now I’m not approaching enough overall and especially not approaching enough per session. That’s part of the grind too, making a lot of approaches in one session. I have to remember that the first set of a session always sucks (“first one’s the worst one”) and after that I have to push myself to keep on approaching until I find myself in flow. The best sets I’ve had were almost always those that I had done after 2-3 warm-up approaches.
  • goal of 700 approaches in 2017: I really want to up the volume of my approaches this year. If I achieve these 700 approaches, I would have officially done my 1000 approaches of hell. And I know very well that it’s going to be tough, that my mind is going to try to deceive me into inaction. That’s why I’ll put a approach counter with number of approaches out of 700 and number of lays (that are the only two things that matter really) on top of every post in 2017, to remind myself that it all comes down to approaching more/flipping more stones.

So my motto for 2017: to get more pussy I have to stop being a pussy.

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