I bang my first 20-ish J-girl

It’s quite funny how 5 weeks can go by with me not even getting a single date, yet in the last 3 days I manage to bang 2 new girls.

It begins just like any other typical tuesday. 9-18 o’clock is spent with the programmer chodes in the corporate grind, than as a break from the routine, we go play a game of water polo against employees of another company. The stakes are high: the losing team must pay for the yakiniku and the drinks of the winning team.

Me playing water polo, yesterday

The game turns out to be more fun than I expected and fortunately our team wins. Afterwards, everybody’s having dinner together and it’s all-you-can-drink, so I start to get a good buzz going.

I get home around midnight and decide that my mood is too good to go sleep, and since the next day was a public holiday, I get myself ready and take a taxi to a club downtown.

Inside the club, the first thing I’m thinking is “sausage festival”. The ratio is quite bad, I would say around 4:1. I go to the bar and order a drink. I can’t recall exactly what happened after that, but somehow I come into contact with this one girl. I quickly understand her game: she’s doing hot-cold-hot-cold, dancing a bit with me and making out for a short time, than walking away to see if I follow her like a obedient puppy and generally trying to provoke a reaction. I guess it’s her way of weeding out all the weak beta males who get too excited at the slightest whiff of pussy.

Her club game, yesterday

So I’m staying unreactive, dancing with her and touching her up when she’s there, but not even looking in her direction the moment she disappears, instead just having fun by myself. And sure enough, she always comes back for some more. She tests me like that a couple times, until she finally determines I won’t be strung along and just stays with me or takes me by my hand.

We go to the bar where we met and I order a drink for us. At the bar counter, I’m standing behind her, grabbing her ass underneath her skirt and rubbing her pussy. I also touch her tits, and her nipples are already hard. I’m thinking she’s ready to go and suggest buying water outside, but she says we have to find her friend first.

Getting cockblocked by her friend is the only thing that worries me that night. We find her friend and I befriend her, shaking her hand with a smile and talking a bit with her. I even approach another dude and try to get him to engage the friend. Anyway, she doesn’t seem to mind that I’m with the girl and let’s us just do our thing.

After a while, the three of us leave the club. The girl is surprised that I can speak Japanese, since she thought I was a complete foreigner. We walk down the road a bit and I’m not sure what will happen next, until the girl stops a taxi, her friend gets in and just drives away.

How I felt at that moment

The rest is pretty straightforward. We go to a nearby convinient store to buy something non-alcoholic to drink (she was quite buzzed), and than I suggest “eating some gyoza” (Japanese dumplings) near my place. I stop a taxi, we get in and drive to my place. It turns out that she lives in the same apartment building as me, which I find quite hilarious. We get into my apartment.

Without the distracting lights of the club and us just relaxing on the bed, I realize that she is actually hotter than I thought. 

This exact hairstyle and a similar face, but drop a point
 So we’re lying on my bed, just talking and me touching her for a while, but she’s quite feisty and shit-tests me. She says stuff like “I hate you” or “You fuck a lot of girls, aren’t you?”. I just do a mixture of staying unreactive and agree&amplify. On the other hand, she has a very cute side to herself and I actually like her. 

In the end, I occupy her forebrain by talking about how I want to go see the new Harry Potter movie, while grabbing her ass and sliding my finger into her pussy from behind. I finger her for a while, still talking about the movie, until she says:”Put on a condom ok?”. So I do just that and go inside of her.

A nice lay, worthy of being my 10th lifetime notch. Her body is absolutely perfect, and it is a pretty picture seeing her in front of me. I was a bit tired, so only fuck her in missionary position for some time, than come inside her.

We lie a bit next to eachother, than I get ready to sleep. She says “Oyasuminasai (goodnight)” in this really cute girly way, before I turn off the lights. In the morning, she says she has to go to work and puts on her clothes. I ask her for her LINE, but she murmurs something like “I have LINE, but I don’t want to add you”. Weird. Anyway, I’m not going to beg her for her contact details, so I just let her go. A nice girl regardless and a fun night.

[EDIT: I met her a couple days later by chance on the street and after some convincing, we went to drink a beer in a nearby pub. Seeing her completely sober, she’s still pretty, but definitely not like in the picture above. I would say she’s a 7. I guess it wasn’t the lights of the club that were deceiving, rather I was more drunk than I thought. Another reason why daygame is better than nightgame. You know exactly what you get.]

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