I bang my first 18 year old J-girl

It’s my 5th week in Japan and I finally managed to get laid with a local girl here. Admittedly, the whole thing was a lucky coincidence though. 

It all begins 2 weeks earlier when I’m out in town on a saturday night, checking out the local bar area. As I walk out of a convenience store, I get into eye contact with a guy around my age who looks half-Japanese. I start talking to him and his buddy, and we get along well. They are in my city for a short-term vacation (both living in Tokyo) and plan to go to the same club that I wanted to go to that night, so we swap LINE. I didn’t manage to get to the club that night, but we stay in contact through texting. 

On their last night in town, we plan having dinner together and going to a newly opened club afterwards. At the meeting point, the two bring a girl with them, who turns out to be one of their friends. She’s elegantly dressed with a pretty face that is slightly slimmer than most Japanese girls. She has a friendly, out-going demeanor that I like and we sort of click. 

Kind of like this, but her face is more youngish

She isn’t old enough to go with us to the club yet, so we bring her to the subway station where we say goodbye. I didn’t ask for her contact details because it would have been weird in front of the two guys and I didn’t want to look like I’m trying to steal their girl. So I kind of forgot about her after that.

A week later, I suddenly get a Tinder message:”Hey, do you remember me? 😊”. It turns out I matched with the girl. There are not that many people on Tinder here, so I bascially right-swiped everything without much looking on the pictures. We text and I quickly get her over on LINE where I tease her a bit, until I think it’s good to suggest a date. We plan on eating crepe in the city center the next Sunday evening.

Before the date I meticulously examine possible venues and think about a good date progression. Finally, I come up with the following model: Drinking coffee and eating crepe in V1, a brightly-lit coffee shop around 10 min by foot from the meeting point. Next up is walking 5 minutes to V2, a British pub, to “try” German beer. If the pub is full, the alternative is the more quiet bar/restaurant next door. And finally, V3 is a bar that is a bit hidden in a side street. I chose it because it’s the only bar I found that has a secluded area with a couch, making it possible to kiss-close out of sight of other people (which is important for J-girls). I already befriended the bartenders of that bar and they knew about the date, so everything was ready.

I meet the girl at 8pm. She is nicely dressed, a leather jacket over a sweater and a skirt. She wears high heels. That’s what I love about the girls here, they just know how to dress and put on make-up, making themselves as attractive as possible. We walk over to the crepe place, and just generally banter. It’s going good, although I sense I’m a bit too energetic and I should have chilled more. In hindsight, she was a clear yes girl from the beginning, trying to get the date to work out, being very engaged and not putting up any obstacles. As we sit inside the crepe place, the conversation turns a bit stilted and doesn’t really flow that well. There are some awkward silences. She actually does the palm-reading routine on me, looking at my hands and telling me about my future. At the end of V1, the conversation flow is good again.

I tell her that we’ll check out the German beer in the British pub, so we walk over and sit next to eachother at a small table. I start the question game and it’s going great, I feel how the rapport is getting stronger. The beer also helps to diffuse any awkward tension and we get a good, comfortable vibe going. 

When we finish our beer, I tell her about the cozy bar I’m frequently going to that I want to show her. So we leave the pub, I take her hand and we walk to V3, the seductive bar. At that point, I’m feeling really great and I know that good things are to follow. We arrive at the bar that is fortunately empty so we go to the secluded area and sit on the couch next to eachother. She is slightly buzzed from the beer, so I order a moscow mule for myself and some non-alcoholic drink for her. It’s a great atmosphere, just the two of us on the sofa in the dimly-lit room. I relax a bit, just enjoying myself and her company. I start to talk less and less, and the tension is building, which makes her start to talk more and more. I just look deeply into her eyes, and I can sense that she wants to be kissed, so I lean in and kiss her. The kiss turns into a minute long make-out, which I break first. We talk some normal stuff again, before I lean in for another make-out in which I also bite her neck and generally up her buying temperature. I probe for logistics a bit more, asking her when the last train is to test how far I can push it. I can see that she doesn’t really want to take the train home, so I suggest drinking some portwine at my place before I “bring her to the train station”.

We leave the bar, I hail a taxi and we get to my apartment. Inside my bedroom, it’s rather quick. We drink some portwine on my bed, than I pull her in and we make-out. I escalate, undressing her step-by-step and than I go inside her. No LMR.

The sex is rather normal, and I realize how casual sex has become this really normal thing for me, compared to the thrill I experienced when I got my first daygame lay. I fuck her from behind at the end, grabing her hair and pushing her head into the cushion, while spanking her butt. 

After I’m finished, we just lie next to eachother and I pour in post-sex comfort, by massaging her head and touching her back. She stays for the night, which is rather short because she has to go home early in the morning to get some things for her school (she is doing a training as a make-up artist). So we walk hand-in-hand to the train station around 5 in the morning, through the streets still wrapped in this typical greyish shade just before the break of dawn.

A really great night and I was glad it all worked out so well. I like the girl’s personality a lot and wouldn’t mind seeing her again.

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