The rules of the game still apply: vibe

It’s been 3 weeks since I’ve arrived in Japan and these are my results up until now: 44 approaches, 3 numbers, 1 insta-date, 0 dates. Truly abysmal. 

The last 20 or something approaches I did were direct game, and my final conclusion is that it just doesn’t work here. I guess it’s a cultural thing, but you just won’t get far with it. (Super) Indirect game is the way to go. The only use I see in direct approaching girls here is the boost in vibe /adrenaline I get, so maybe I’ll still do it sometimes just for the lulz. 

This country is truly a tease though. All these hot and cute girls in skirts walking around showing off their legs and there is just no use in approaching them directly.

I have also recorded some sets. It’s so easy, that I don’t really understand why it isn’t recommended more by daygame blogs. You just need to buy headphones with a mic, and you’re ready to record with your phone. After you’re done with recording, you just need to get ready for the cringe.

The first time I heard myself speak in a set, the cringe was real. My Japanese isn’t really that solid, that’s why I’m using way too many filler words and it just sounds cringy. I also recorded a set in English, where my voice was fine (not great though). So I need to continously concentrate on my voice and my words from now on. But it’s time to move on to the next area that needs to get fixed asap: vibe.

I think part of the reason why I didn’t do that well up until now is that my vibe/energy is too serious for Japanese girls. They are so weary of guys approaching here that it is a necessity to open with and maintain a good vibe/energy. That means simple stuff like opening with a big smile, and exhibiting a fun, out-going and positive attitude and maintaining lazer eye fuck contact.

-> the deciding factor is the overall vibe/energy I give off

I’m not really a guy who has a great vibe all the time, but I think I can pull it off. And I’m going to try and maintain a good vibe even when I’m not talking to girls, for example just by smiling at people.

On a unrelated note, I did actually get laid here already. After work last Friday, I went to dinner with the boss of the company I’m doing my internship at and a colleague, so when I arrived at home around 12 I was a bit buzzed. I decided that it’s too early to go to sleep, so I took a taxi downtown and went to a club I saw the other day. It was actually really fun (Japanese clubs are kind of awesome), so I had a good time without focusing that much on the girls. I was getting increasingly drunk again, so to cool off, I went to a 7/11 to buy some water. At the store, I talked to the cashiers who happened to be foreigners and somehow I got into a conversation with an American girl who was standing in line next to me. We hit it off (we were both drunk anyway) and decided to get something to eat nearby.

This seems to be a common pattern with me: Go to a club, get increasingly drunk, go to a 7/11 to buy water, meet girl there, get laid.

So when we were eating at some diner, she not so subtly dropped hints that she wanted to fuck that night. Something along the lines of:”I actually haven’t had sex in a long time…Japanese guys are way too shy…”. When we were done, I suggested going to a bar (which would have been my apartment), but she actually said:”I know this is a bit weird… but do you want to go to my apartment? I live just one block from here”. So I agree, we go to her place, we fuck and afterwards I fall asleep immediately. When I wake up, I was at first a bit confused where I was, but then I look around and I’m like “yeeaah, that’s what happened last night”. I decide to fuck her once again and then get my stuff and go home.

She had a good body, but her face was just average (23-year old by the way). The real turn-off was her personality though, which I hadn’t noticed while I was drunk. The lay was so easy, that I decided not to write a separate post for it. Anyways, it was a fun night and I did get laid for free.

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