I upgrade my wardrobe

In my continous effort to bed a Japanese girl, I decided that it’s time to fix my fashion. Having backpacked around Thailand for nearly a month, everything I owned fashion-wise were a dozen t-shirts, two pairs of short, a jeans and a sweater. So the first 2 weeks I’ve been here, I wasn’t exactly well dressed.

If I was in Germany, I wouldn’t have cared that much since fashion is not a big deal there, but here in Japan people do put a lot of effort in dressing well. I think 80% of girls look really stylish (like straight out of a fashion magazine) and 50% of guys look dressed up too. So I’m thinking I can’t walk around looking like a chump. I spend a whole Sunday browsing through shops, experimenting with different styles (in Japan, you can basically wear anthing you want without people thinking it’s weird) and finally finding something that I really dig.

I present to you my new fashion style:

Verdict: fuckable

I almost haven’t approached any girls the last 3 days, so I officially swear to myself that I will start approaching again as of tomorrow. I need to keep my eyes on the target. Having a great fashion style is great in itself (since it’s part of what projects value), but it isn’t going to get me laid. What will get me laid is continously approaching a lot of girls, playing the numbers game, flipping a lot of stones until I get a break. So no more weaseling, tomorrow I’ll approach girls and see what happens.

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