Desensitizing myself against the spotlight effect

Just a quick thing I want to add that links to the last post. I still feel the spotlight effect when there’s people around while I talk to a girl, so in order to maintain a loud and clear voice in these scenarios, I want to actively talk to girls in really quiet places, where everyone can listen in (it’s the advice from the blogpost).

It’s not so much about getting results, it’s all about being comfortable with people listening in, and it doesn’t matter if I fuck up hard. So I will just get myself into these kind of scenarios and see what happens. To make myself accountable, I will document 5 of these approaches in detail in this post:

(1) Really nervous prior to the approach. Talked to a waitress in a restaurant that I went to two times before and asked for her number. People were obviously listening in. Probably did everything wrong that could go wrong. Weak voice, bad body language, no entitlement, bad vibe. At least I know what I did wrong, so I can improve it. And I went through with it despite my fear.





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