What I noticed about gaming Japanese girls

It’s been 3 days since I arrived in Japan and I think I gradually understand how to game Japanese girls. The first few approaches I tried were direct game and resulted in immediate blow-outs, the kind of which I’ve gotten maybe 3 times in Germany ever. The default reaction of Japanese girls to obvious advances is always to dismiss, it’s like an auto-pilot response. I’ve tried the famous Yad-stop (c) today though, and it seems like it did have a good initial effect on the girl, so I’ll be following that up with some more field-testing. The jury is still out on whether direct daygame can be run if the initial approach has been carried out as a Yad-stop. In any case, direct or indirect, one has to hold the frame after the initial approach and plow through.

So when direct daygame showed it’s limitations on Japanese girls, I tried some indirect approaches. I think that’s part of what makes a good player: to recognize what’s working and what’s not, to be able to adapt to the environment that you’re gaming in and to be flexible. A cool Japanese guy gave me a tip that I should try to ask for directions, and then let me get taken there by the girl. When I first heard about this I thought that’s a bit lame, but I tried it 2 times already and got the social hook point easily both times.

I call it the gratitude method and it basically goes like this:

(1) position yourself around 5 mins by foot away from the next Starbucks, preferably in a way that it’s not that easy to get there (like around several corners)

(2) select your target, walk in front of her and pretend to be looking for something (occasionally look on your phone)

(3) open your target that is preferably walking behind you by turning around with your shoulder and saying:”Do you know where the next Starbucks is? My wifi isn’t working”. Act like you’re still looking around for the coffee shop, don’t make it too obvious that you actually just wanted to talk to her.

(4) Let her search for it on her phone, then she will suggest taking you there (in the 2 times I’ve never once asked to be taken there, but if she doesn’t do it, than maybe I have to ask her myself)

(5) banter on the way to the Starbucks

(6) when you arrive, say something like:”Thank you for taking me here. That was really nice. If you would like to, I would want to invite you out for coffee some time as a thank you.” Take her LINE.

That’s basically the method. I wouldn’t want to do it if I didn’t have to, but obviously I can’t get anywhere by expressing my honest admiration for a girl here, so I have to do it this way. If that’s what it takes to get laid here.

I’ve just done it 2 times though, so I need further confirmation that it works. I’m pretty sure it does though. Maybe I can tweak it a bit more to make it better.

On a unrelated side note, I want to keep approaching at least 3 Japanese girls per day (unless I get a number from one), until I bang one of them. Today I came home from the internship at 19:00, was a bit tired and contemplated if I should still go out and approach. After a short time, I thought to myself “fuck it”, went out to the next big mall (20 min walk), approached 2 girls and got solid 1 number, with the above mentioned method.

I honestly feel like a kid in a candy shop here. Maybe I have a thing for Japanese girls, but I feel like there are so many cute and sexily dressed girls walking around here, that I can’t hold myself back. This is what you can find every 5 minutes on a busy day:


It’s pretty amazing. Definitely want to keep approaching until I got one of them. It’s totally worth it.


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