I bang my 3rd Thai girl

Getting laid in SE Asia as a decent-looking white guy who somewhat has his shit together is not a big feat, but I wanted to make a point of documenting every lay on this blog, regardless of its value as a insight into game.

So after spending a week in Bangkok, I decide to travel further south, to discover the islands and beaches of Thailand. I stay on the peaceful island of Koh Tao for a while, then move on to the bustling city of Chaweng on Koh Samui. Although it is low-season, the clubs and bars are still filling up on the weekend.

One night I decide to lone-wolf it. I book a hotel room near the main clubs and go out solely with my mind on getting laid. I get into the mood with a bit of Vodka and hit the bars. The whole night is a blur now, but what I remember is that I approached a decent amount of girls (probably a dozen), got rejected a lot and got increasingly drunk. At one point, I think to myself “if I continue like this, I will be way to wasted to talk to girls” so I go out to a nearby convenience store to buy some water. 

When I’m out of the 7/11, I somehow get into a conversation with two Thai girls standing in front of the store. One of them likes me, so I tell her friend that I want to borrow the girl for a minute to “show her my cool scooter”, which is supposedly right around the corner. I love the fact that everybody knows it’s bullshit, but still goes along with it.

I lead the girl around the corner, make out with her and take her to the beach. I heat her up a bit more there, than suggest showing her some pictures on my facebook in my hotel room. She calls her friend and it’s a done deal. We go to my room and there’s no LMR. Not the hottest girl I ever fucked, but still a good lay.

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