I bang my first 22 year old Thai boxer

It’s my 3rd day in Thailand and I decide to check out the local muay thai gym near my hostel. Along two other foreigners, there are two local girls training with me. The blistering heat forces everyone to take frequent breaks, during which I get into a conversation with one of the Thai girls.

She has a petite stature and a cute face. Surprisingly, she speaks fluently English (with an impeccable British accent) and tells me that she had been in England for an exchange year, so it was quite easy to talk to her. I am just holding normal conversation, but I can sense that she fancies me, so I ask her for her number and suggest a drink. She happily gives me her contact details, but tells me that she is busy with uni for the next time due to exams.

Texting ensues, in which I ask her out several times, but she always declines saying she has no time because of uni and work. I had already written her off, so when I’m at a bar with my hostel friends one night, I just start heating her up with some dirty texting inspired by Krauser’s “This is how to do Facebook sex chat“.

I keep on going with the story, making it more and more sexual and vivid. I suspect that she’s quite horny at that point, so I finish the story and the rest of the texting involves a bit of convincing and checking logistics.

We meet two days later at a Starbucks near my hotel. She tells me she only has one hour before she has to go back to work, so after a bit of talking in Starbucks, I suggest taking a walk. I had a incident earlier that day where I took a girl I met on Tinder back to my hotel, and the hotel staff wouldn’t allow me to take her to my room as a guest, but insisted that she had to be registered as the 2nd guest staying at the room. I caused a bit of a stir at the reception afterwards, because I never experienced that kind of policy before (apparently it’s common in Thailand). With that in mind, I didn’t want to risk taking this girl back to my room at that moment, because I was sure there would be complications with that hotel that would ultimately cost me the bang (e.g. the receptionist hinting I needed to change the 2nd registered guest to her… such cock-blocks).

So I was thinking hard how to get her into a hotel room with me. I couldn’t pull her back to my room in a nonchalant way (like “I want to show you some pictures on my laptop”), and I thought taking a new hotel room with her would be way to direct (no plausible deniability at all) and could trigger ASD. Finally, when I see a suitable hotel, I stop her and tell her something like:”Look, my hotel doesn’t allow any guests. Let’s take a room here. I’ll pay for it. We can go up and if don’t feel like it, you can go at any time.” She agrees and I mentally fist pump, because at that point I know it’s a done deal. I guess sometimes you have to break the rules to succeed.

In the room, there is some token resistance, but I doesn’t take long until I’m inside of her. The sex is pretty intense, because she feels really tight and is coming a lot (I never experienced a girl coming so hard and often during sex). After I’m finished, we rest a while and later I fuck her once again. Her cell phone rings while I do her from behind and after we finish the 2nd round, she tells me she has to go back to work. So she gets dressed and leaves the room, while I lie there on the bed with a smirk on my face feeling awesome. Closing two new girls in two consecutive days definitely solidified my self-image of that of a player, who is able to get laid fast.

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