I bang my first 19 year old Thai dancer

So right now I’m in Bangkok, Thailand on a stopover to Japan. As I started learning muay thai back in Germany a couple of month ago, I naturally became interested in Thailand and so I decided to come here for a while, to check out the culture, the food, the beaches and of course the girls.

Well, the quality of the girls has been quite a disappointement to say the least. During a day of walking through Bangkok’s malls and streets, I would see maybe 1-2 local girls that I would describe as at most attractive, but not stunning. Adding to that comes the language barrier, and so I have done hardly any daygame here.

I have been staying in a hostel near Khao San road (the main party area for travellers) the last couple of days, and it has been good fun. It’s easy to meet new people, and on this particular night, I went out with a Belgian  girl and a German guy, and we had some drinks and food in a nice, cosy bar. I feel quite open and chilled and start sexting a Thai girl I met at a local muay thai gym, just for fun. I literally use krauser’s template and it works its magic. The girl texts back “Wow, holy, damn, wow, oh fuck” and so on. I show the text messages to the others and we have a blast. We joke around that I might bang the girl in the hotel room I had booked that night (I needed a quiet room to do a skype interview for the internship I’ll do in Japan). The Belgian girl is really into it too and wants to know how the story continues. I can see that she’s getting aroused too and later she admits that she it was like porn for her and that she might cheat in her mind (she had a boyfriend). Just a testament on how effective this story is in getting girls horny and activating their “sexual” hindbrain. I definitely need to use it more often from now on.

We walk back to the hostel and the girl leaves saying she was a bit tired. So I chill a bit with the German guy and other traveller’s in the lobby, and than everybody walks over to the Khao San area. We do a bit of bar hopping, and generally I’m just chilling in the group, not approaching any girls. I have never actually brought a girl home from a bar or club, and I’m not good dancer, so I was feeling a bit out of place. Finally I approach a Thai girl that I had seen dancing earlier, who just happened to walk past me. I follow her a bit until it became less crowded, than tip her shoulder and tell her something like:”I saw you dancing earlier. You’re quite good”. I didn’t really matter what I said anyway, because it was way too loud for her to understand me, so I motioned her to follow me outside the bar. We banter a bit, I lead her further away from the bar in the direction of my hotel, and kiss her. I try to get her to come even closer to my hotel, by saying “I want to buy something to drink, come with me”, but she resists and so we walk back to the bar. It was quite close to my hotel, so it made me realize that it isn’t actually that difficult to take a girl home, you just have to lead, lead, lead.

Emboldened by this experience, I do the same approach on another Thai girl. She comes outside the bar, I tell her she’s cute (which is true) and that I want to get a water, and that she should join me. She tells me to wait, I see her talking to her friend for a second and than we walk to my hotel. I keep talking to her, asking a bit about her, talking about some mundane shit and just generally trying to occupy her forebrain. We get to the 7/11 just next to my hotel, we buy some drinks, than outside the shop I’ll try to show her some videos of my hometown in Germany on my phone, but I just pretend that the internet was too slow (it really was fine, if I just had waited longer it would have loaded). So I tell her I have fast wifi in my room, let’s go there. In hindsight, this whole move was kind of unnecessary, but I just wanted to create some form of plausible deniability. We go to my room, sit on my bed, I give her a towel to dry her hair (it was raining a bit), I push her over on the bed and after some really light resistance I close.

She had a really nice body, not skinny, but no excess fat either, just really well-rounded. And her face was surprisingly cute, like the kind of which you rarely see in Thailand. I enjoyed seeing her tanned body under me and in front of me. She also had a really friendly and demure demeanor, which I liked. After two rounds, I bring her back to Khao San road, where she met her friends again.

It was definitely a reference experience for me, because I had literally just approached her 15 min ago. This was the fastest I have ever closed a girl and the first time I pulled from a bar/club. I feel like now I can do it. Game-wise, there wasn’t really much I had done. She liked me and was DTF. I approached, isolated and lead her to my room.

The biggest take-away from that night is this: If you go out and try, anything is possible. I could have easily just stayed in my hotel room by myself, but I went out and picked up a girl. Whenever I feel like I should go home and chill, I need to remind myself of this occasion, where I just took a chance and got rewarded. Going out and meeting people is always the better choice.

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