A recap of my previous journey:

I actively started doing pick-up (not just reading theory) about a year ago. I was at a low-point of my life back then. I had just finished the first semester of my university studies (mechanical engineering), during which I had literally studied every day until exams. I wasn’t feeling the city I had moved to (Munich) and I was living in a kind of shitty place. I had a girlfriend back then, but the relationship caused me way more stress than joy. The relationship was irreversibly damaged, but we were both too co-dependent to let go. And honestly, I was just too much of a pussy to end it, because subconsciously I knew I was shit with girls and I wouldn’t have known how to meet new ones. I felt like a loser when it came to girls. To sum it up, I was unhappy and feeling tired of my life situation.

My semester break was spent with my mother in Spain (she basically guilt-tripped me into going with her, since my parents are divorced) and my dad in Japan, which was boring as we travelled around the Japanese countryside. 

At the end of the vacation, I was feeling immensely frustrated with myself. I felt like I was catering too much to the needs of others and the prospect of having to go through the grind of a semester again was daunting. I knew something had to change. On the flight back from Japan, I suddenly had this “moment”: I was going to create a blog and commit myself to daygame, no matter what. The best I can describe it as is “ultimate death of the ego”. I decided at that point that I would risk rejections, risk making an ass of myself and endure the hardships until I succeeded.

I followed through on my intentions. And boy oh boy did I make an ass of myself. There were many awkward and frustrating occasions, that in normal circumstances I probably would have given up, but I used the bitterness inside me as fuel, which kept me going. In my opinion, getting started in daygame without the reference experiences is the most difficult part, and I think the ones who’ve “made it” all started out in a similar fashion, triggered by some catalysing event (e.g. a bad break-up). Otherwise, the social inhibitions and the ego-defense mechanisms are just too strong to keep on doing something like daygame. To be fair, I was getting enough (surprisingly) good reactions early on, so it wasn’t all rejections, and I didn’t feel like it was a pointless project.

So I kept approaching and writing my blog throughout the summer. I copied the entire blog and posted it on this new one (sorted by the month of publication), but my German writing is fucking horrendous, so read at your own risk.

In September 2015, I finally banged the first girl from daygame, after about 3 months and 60 approaches. I was fucking stoked. The hard work paid off and I began to date the girl (who was from Russia) semi-seriously for about a year. I visited her two times in Russia and we had a vacation together in Venice. It was a happy time. We are still in contact (not dating anymore though) and are planing to travel in Vietnam next January.

I banged another girl from daygame later on and had some dates, but nothing of it was really serious. This year, my attitude towards daygame changed a bit and I experienced a form of “daygame fatigue”. I didn’t feel like roaming the same places over and over again and approached very little (just around 65 approaches in 9 months). I felt bored with the same routines and with my study program, so I decided to take a break of 1 year. 

I’ll be in Japan doing an internship until the end of this year, than travel around SE Asia during January and February and than do an Erasmus semester in Zagreb beginning in March.

Wish me luck!

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